Robotics;Notes – 03

We Glittering Crux now.

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19 Responses to Robotics;Notes – 03

  1. macxxx007 says:


    My God… it’s if Char Aznable did it Glittering Crux!

    Thanks for the episode! Have a great night and weekend!

  2. Entrav says:

    LOL. Thanks for the subs!

  3. that random fag says:

    Thank you guys.

  4. dmarthington says:

    it’s back!!!!!

  5. RandomEntropy1 says:

    (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ KIRABOSHI!

  6. Mx3 says:

    How come my RSS feed didn’t alert me of this?

  7. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  8. NBI says:

    Thanks. What do you think about an opening with karaoke?
    Something like this :D

  9. zZJoennZz says:

    “What’s wrong, Tanegashimachine-3S?
    What’s going on with that left leg?”
    But the one that is malfunctioning was the right one.

  10. dura says:

    any news on steins gate BD ?

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