Robotics;Notes – 01

Vale’s the translator. ReadingSteiner teamed up to help edit and check. And we’re not doing Psycho-Pass. No editor.

Also, Steins;Gate BDs are being QCed.

Quattro edit: My bad. I typo’d this sign after the QC.

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44 Responses to Robotics;Notes – 01

  1. elmaton04 says:

    I figure you guys would do this show. Thanks!

  2. cancer says:

    i hope the liberalization/localization won’t butcher this show :P

  3. Mazz says:

    Thanks,… been waiting for this.

  4. Entrav says:

    Yay! Thank you for subbing this!

  5. that random fag says:

    Thanks guys, downloading.

  6. IZEROII says:

    Thanks for doing this guys. The WhyNot tradition of rainbow OP kara so doesn’t work for this show lol

  7. macxxx007 says:

    Thanks for this! Been really looking forward to this! Have a great night and weekend!

  8. anonymous says:

    Why do you guys love that ugly rainbow kara so much

    • AsuraE says:

      Because fags hate it. If people didn’t hate on it so much ages ago it would’ve died out, but no, you idiot leechers couldn’t let it go.

  9. /haniho/ says:


  10. Pan-chan says:

    Are you guys still working on Shining Hearts?

    • AsuraE says:

      Can’t remember if it’s been posted before but the tler disappeared, so no.

      If it has been posted before, then *insertgenericflameposthere*

  11. Fuji says:

    Am i missing something? Torrent keeps saying “Send File” When pit into Utorrent? File dosent even show up as a Torrent File.

  12. Loke1923 says:

    There’s no romaji karaoke anymore? ='(

  13. A. Crush says:

    Thanks for the quality, no-reencoding-necessary release. Awesome stuff.

  14. Reso says:

    Are you guys (or Rekyu) still working on Chocolate??? If not, I think I’ll just finish up the series elsewhere.

    Oh, and thanks for this release :D

  15. redemption024 says:

    “Steins;Gate BDs are being QCed”

    Good, good…

  16. Tenpura-kun says:

    Good work and thank you! But the style for OP kara needs something more (changing the style, maybe?) imo.

  17. shiranui says:

    Thanks for the release.

    The last line makes me want to re-watch Chaos;Head tho… ┐(-_-)┌

  18. Name says:

    What is the resolution of the file? Thanks.

  19. flipr says:

    thanks for the release! you are the best people.

  20. tadakuni says:

    not good as steins;gate…

  21. Devilwood says:

    “Rekyu” where is the chocolate. We waiting so long for it.

  22. dmarthington says:

    psycho-pass sucked anyway.

  23. kfrooster says:

    Thanks for subbing Robotics;Notes!

  24. Kenadian says:

    Okay, honest question here. Is that “Mada da! Mada owaranyo!” a reference to Char? Cause…he’s the only character I can think of that says that.

  25. kou says:

    great job on this, better than funi

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