Recruiting various positions

We really need another of most everything with the new season coming up.

The best way to get yourself noticed is to drop by the IRC channel #WhyNot? and talk to Quattro/Yoki/Quattro and send an email to Or, talk to any staff and they will proceed to heckle Quattro/Yoki/Quattro into doing something.

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  1. Kyosuke says:

    Hi there,

    i have been following some of your sub project especially for Freezing which is always released on time. Despite studying the japanese language since age of 15 until now, i have not really done any subbing before.

    Thought that i should give it a try and start somewhere to contribute back to where it all started. I may be of not much help but i will try my best to assist =)

  2. Mirco says:

    Hey guys

    I haven’t done anything like fansubbing or so until now and i could only translate a few japanese words to english, but if I only have to check timing, spelling or so, i should be able to be of some help.
    I’ve got a lot of time to spare and would be glad to help as a QC, but I still have some questions.
    If you have any use for me, just email me. ^^



    • Sake says:

      Hey Mirco,

      The best way to get noticed would be to hang around in our IRC channel, ‘#WhyNot?’. I’m pretty sure we could use another QC, so if you constantly bug EpicNaruto / Yoki, I’m sure he’ll give you a test to decide whether you are fit or not for the position.


  3. Havoc10K says:

    (…) in a timely manor.

    I loled here

  4. Marina says:

    Editor test done and sent :)

  5. ashbridges says:

    I’m more then willing to learn most of the things there. atm i’m using my friends pc but will be building my own soon. but the pc is an i5 w/ 2g ram

    could learn how to ts and time as well. QC why not. that way it’ll be a party

    • AsuraE says:

      That sounds awesome… depending on a few things. The i5 would have to be a quad core (ie the 700 series or any of the sandy bridge cpus except the 2390T). Also, if it is a quad core i5 then only having 2GB of RAM will bottleneck the system. Finally, if you’re looking for a budget system (which it sounds like with an i5 and 2GB of RAM) you should go with AMD instead. From memory a 1090T costs $230 and can almost compete with an i7 920 (plus you have bragging rights because it has 6 cores :P).

      lol on the long post, but I’m a nerd and you mentioned computers. ‘Nuff said.

      • ashbridges says:

        lol i feel you …. but those were rough stats of the pc from what i can remember, its a i750, 4g ram(could easily get more if needed w/ it being super cheap, but no need atm for it)

        The pc i get to make won’t be budge thats for sure … but that won’t be for a couple of months

        • ashbridges says:

          just said an email … it comes directly to my phone with any news on what you would like me to do if anything at all …

  6. Senna says:

    “I’m seriously sick of people just doing a spell check -_-.”
    *looks around uneasily*

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