Recruiting Update

We desperately need a translator now… We no longer have one for next season. The translator would get a huge say in what show(s) we end up releasing so please don’t worry about that! Please apply!

Translator – Someone who can translate from Japanese to English.

Editor – You need to be good with the English language in order to properly edit. Writing is the only skill required for this position

Timer – Times the subtitles to the video.

Quality checker – Make sure the release is good to go before sending it out. Basically, you check for any errors in the release.

XDCC Server Hosts – people that can and are willing to host XDCC servers for the groups releases on our irc channel. these should be as user friendly as possible and preferably available 24/7.

Dedicated Seeders – people who can seed our torrents preferably using seedboxes 24/7. we will accept part time seeds as well.

Mail all applications to and drop by the IRC channel (#WhyNot? and talk to Quattro. All applications should have what position(s) you would like to fill and your experience/an example of your work that I can somehow verify. Since I am starting a brand new group I honestly value commitment rather than experience (since I am new myself) and would prefer to have people willing to help and stick around. I’ve been leeching for a while now and have a somewhat light schedule this semester so I figured I would try and give a little back to the community.

So, with that, please apply :3!

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  1. xsrinh says:

    Heyy, I’m interested in the proofreading position :) But, am I too late for it? I just saw one of your posts today about the proofreading position being available T___T

    Anyways, if you guys still need a proofreader, let me know!


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