Recruiting Editors

With some things changing in the group, we’re gonna need more active editors. And soon. Seriously, please apply.

Read the whole post before submitting any tests. Some of you still aren’t sending in everything.

Editor – Editors must have a strong grasp of the English language. The test is a pretty extreme case of how things can go, so if you can handle that you’re up for anything. You must edit everything, including any songs/typesets etc.

Typesetter – You need to have at least practiced typesetting a few episodes, gone through tutorials and have a good feel for Aegisub before doing the test. Too many people have “done” the test seemingly without the knowledge of what typesetting should actually look like.

All applicants need to (in order):
0) Have a stable internet connection capable of 200KB/s+
1) Complete the test(s)
2) Email said test to with the subject line “WhyNot? Test – *insertpositionhere*”
3) Include in the email your available times (and time zone in terms of UTC/GMT), results from and nick on irc.
4) Drop by the IRC channel #WhyNot? and talk to AsuraE (just say you’ve applied for whatever position).
5) Just lurk in IRC. It’s our main communication platform and we’re not going to send emails out to every applicant we get.

Failure to do any of the above means that you fail the basic test of being able to follow simple instructions (and therefore fail altogether), so reread this after writing your email. Barely anybody gets this correct.

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19 Responses to Recruiting Editors

  1. Kido says:

    I just sent an email applying to be an editor. However, I’m unable to find AsuraE on IRC (unless I’m doing this wrong, welp, I’m still an IRC nub), so I’m unable to complete step 4.

    I’ll be lurking in the chatroom, though. My nick is kido. Thanks!

  2. konnakude says:

    I was reading that and it looks harder to become an editor here than in Saizen, lol.
    I wonder if you choose this wording specially to scare any potential seekers away.
    Good luck with that anyway!

    ~konnakude, a current editor in Saitei, Stardust and Saizen fansubs. :P

  3. jon says:

    when will there be new eps of robotic notes BD

  4. FTIF says:

    Is the recruitment for editors still open?

  5. Mike says:

    Is number 5 really THAT necessary? Also, what’s a Nick?

  6. Kayllin says:

    You guys ever heard about accessability for websites? Why are you using dark grey text on a black background? Yes you can read it but who wants to strain their eyes reading it.

  7. My browser was up-to-date i cleared the cache and it seems to be fine now must’ve been a caching issue relax lah.

  8. Diablosfiji says:

    I was always doing subbing and timing, thanks to your tests, I am now learning to do typesetting as well.

  9. Dedoyxp says:

    The Test file for typesetter is corrupt or something. i can’t open the archive file

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