So, we would like to fill up a couple more positions because people seem to like going MIA.

Translator – Someone who can translate from Japanese to English. We are also in need of someone who can TL songs (even if you don’t want to TL whole episodes).
No test, just email me.

Encoder – We are looking for one more encoder. You know who you are. We ask that you send us a part of something you encoded so we can check it over. You don’t need to be an expert but if you could simply explain why you used the x264 settings you did and your avs script then that would be great.

Typesetter – Typesetting is placing translated text on the screen.
Simple typesetting test

QC – People who are online often and have good attention to detail. We need you! We would like dedicated QCs (ie, you only QC and nothing else really besides release). So if you want to do other things, apply for that position lol.
QC test

Raw provider/capper – We are pretty much at the mercy of the uploaders on PD/Share and other trackers for our raws (ts or otherwise) and we don’t want this to be the case anymore. If you can help us out by providing raws for us regularly that would be great. We can try to work something out if necessary.
No test, just email me.

Timer – Times the subtitles to the video. Needs to be online a lot and able to commit to a weekly series or a monthly BD/DVD release.
Timer test

Editor – You need to be good with the English language in order to properly edit. Writing is the only skill required for this position. (If you already applied, please email me again) – We aren’t really in need of this anymore.
Editor test

Mail all applications to and drop by the IRC channel (#WhyNot? and talk to Quattro/Yoki. All applications should have what position(s) you would like to fill.

The easiest way to make yourself, and your application known, is to be in the IRC channel often. We do get, and read every email but sometimes they get buried under new stuff. We’d like our staff to be online fairly often so keep that in mind (using the webchat on the site is fine).

Also, if you could leave a comment here with your real email to let us know that would be great (only we can see it, don’t worry – it’s so we can contact you).

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16 Responses to Recruiting

  1. Jukebox says:

    Hey i tried the last time. I didnt get my reply

  2. Vale says:

    I would be happy to translate Shiki for you.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Could you send an email to the one posted above so we can discuss it with you?

      Also, we actually have a translator for Shiki which is why we picked it up haha. But we are absolutely open to other series and are definitely in serious need of translators!

  3. eatcookiez says:

    Can I apply for the timer position? :>

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Anyone can apply. I’m not sure how many of each position we will take in this time but we’ll see. Any and all applications are welcome.

      • eatcookiez says:

        I’ve sent in the test script alr..

        • EpicNaruto says:

          Then we’ll look over it as soon as someone is free. Like it says though, the best way to make yourself known is to lurk in the IRC channel and bug us often enough lol. If you aren’t familiar with IRC then the link at the top will let you use the web client. Just pick a nick and click connect.

  4. marga says:

    I want to apply for the editor position :)
    I’ll send a test script :)

  5. EpicNaruto says:

    The best way to get in contact with us and have a chat is by joining the IRC channel. If you don’t know what or how to use IRC then just go here and pick a nick. Talk to EpicNaruto/Yoki or any staff that’s on.

  6. Kaoru says:

    I’ve sent in the test script.

  7. Rank says:

    Sent in an application for editor, along with the edited script

  8. vertigodragon says:

    I applied for QC thanks =)

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