We desperately need a translator now… We no longer have one for next season. The translator would get a huge say in what show(s) we end up releasing so please don’t worry about that! Please apply!

Translator – Someone who can translate from Japanese to English.

Editor – You need to be good with the English language in order to properly edit. Writing is the only skill required for this position

Typesetter – Typesetting is placing translated text on the screen. Sometimes signs and karaoke are dealt with by the Typesetter.

QC – Okay so, we need more of these too. People who are online often and have good attention to detail. We need you! We would like dedicated QCs (ie, you only QC and nothing else really). So if you want to do other things, apply for that position :).

Timer – Times the subtitles to the video.

Mail all applications to and drop by the IRC channel (#WhyNot? and talk to Quattro. All applications should have what position(s) you would like to fill. Please apply as we are dire need of these positions!

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  1. InsertNameHere says:

    If you still need a timer let me know, I’m fairly new but I know what I’m doing. I can also QC as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear WhyNot,

    you are made of fail, please stop polluting TT with your shit. Thank you.

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