RaiderZ anyone?

Join a few of us in game~

It’s a F2P MMORPG that just went into OBT. Open world action combat game.
We play on the US East server, Chimera. Guild is Fabulous. My ign is dokupe.

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14 Responses to RaiderZ anyone?

  1. wohdin says:

    looks like a less fun dragon nest tbqh

    also dragon nest just launched 50 cap so

  2. Andros414 says:

    Ooooh… just what I need, another game that I want to play. Too bad my computer is pure crap and I have to wait for a new one. :(

    • Quattro says:

      I can run this on my 3 year low end even for the time laptop. It’ll run on minimum, but you can basically turn everything off too to help it. Looks crappy compared to the max I play on my desktop, but it runs smooth.

  3. Calyrica says:

    Did they fix the stupid lag and broken quest issues from the closed beta and stress test? I was forced to stop playing because of them.

  4. Stein says:

    Played during CBT and stress test. Was alright; hate how linear it is though. Might give it a go again after these final exams.

  5. renblades says:

    I’ll join ya I’m playing a defender on Chimera already. name is Rentai

  6. Need2Fap says:

    Waste my precious little time in a F2P MMORPG… yes please!
    Good way to kill time until Phantasy Star Online MMO comes out.

  7. Rx2TF says:

    >living in Japan
    >disabled Region

    FFS another one? Damn, Japan’s so closed to a lot of international mmo’s.

  8. sukanime says:

    I saw my friend in facebook play this game… he share some screenshot in his facebook….
    I’am little bit interested, but now, playing Mercenery OPS more fun to mee…

  9. DaRandoMan says:

    Is this any-similar to Monster Hunter?
    The mechanics from watching that trailer looks almost identical imo; guarding, dodge rolling etc.

  10. Need2Fap says:

    Well, I tried to play but gameguard was a massive faggot and refused to let me.

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