Puella Magi Madoka Magica – BD Vol 1


So, we decided to do this because xavier had the BD and whynot? We are using gg subs because the original translator from episode 9 on (valerauko) is also staff here at WhyNot? (translating Hen Zemi currently).

Episodes – 2/12
Video – 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio – FLAC, AAC
Subs – gg

1080p torrent

720p torrent

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17 Responses to Puella Magi Madoka Magica – BD Vol 1

  1. jindo90 says:

    Thanks, guy.
    btw Is this one the new BD after the recalls?

  2. Zaggy says:

    I would totally get your released if it wasnt for gg’s sub…

  3. Irritating Enlightener says:

    Could someone of the staff or someone who already downloaded it check if it’s the defective version or not?

    How to tell – the affected line is around 3:40 in episode 2. After showing her Soul Gem, saying “kore ga Soul Gem”, Mami should say “Kyubey ni erabareta onna no ko ga keiyaku [something more, I can’t hear :/]”, but she says “Kyubey ni erabareta ijou, anata-tachi ni tottemo hitogoto janai mono ne” instead in the defective version, repeating what she said just few seconds earlier.

  4. LeonCloud says:

    Madoka Magica 1 Sells 53,000 as #1 TV Anime BD in 1st Week @ANN

    Since you are using [gg[ subs, are you going to use their naming order, or original JP order?

  5. Zaggy says:

    Taken from official notice and google translated

    Episode 2 of this story disc □ (time: 29 minutes 21 seconds – 22 parts) at the words of course been recorded incorrectly.
    The booklet has been published Endingukyarakutasongu award □ “See You Tomorrow,” the lyrics of course been posted in error.


    Seems to aply to all releases too.

  6. december says:

    No word if this encode includes defective BD….will wait until confirmation before downloading!

  7. Irritating Enlightener says:

    OK, just checked it.


    It actually won’t be even noticeable for most folks who don’t understand a word in Japanese (I described it in more detail above), but I hope it’ll get v2’d once updated BDMVs come out.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      If we can get our hands on the fixed version, either the BDMV or the bluray itself, then yeah, we will.

      • Irritating Enlightener says:

        Actually, (temporary?) solution would be to edit the audio and use TV version of that very line ;)

        Though I wonder if they’ll take the opportunity to make even few more changes for BDv2.

        Anyway, thanks for your good job with these releases!

        • EpicNaruto says:

          That’s not exactly the easiest, or wisest thing to do given the quality difference between the BD and the TV airing.

          Not that would be something to see. Given shaft’s track record, it’s entirely possible.

          Glad you’re enjoying them~

  8. Ruicarlov says:

    That post image is awesome.
    Never thought I’d see Madoka and Portal together.
    Well, they’re both kinda trippy, so they fit together, if you think about it… :)

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