Projects list

Current Projects:

TV airings:
Occultic;Nine (CR)

Backlogged TV airings:
Utakoi (CR – we will finish this eventually)
Utapri S3-4 (CR)
Garo – The Crimson Moon (Funi)
Kagewani S2 (CR)
Yami Shibai S3 (CR)

Ongoing batches:
Phi Brain S1-3

Ping Pong The Animation (WhyNot)
Free! Eternal Summer (WhyNot)
Garo – The Carved Seal of Flames (WhyNot)
Irresponsible Captain Tylor (Exiled-Destiny-modified)
Thermae Romae Specials (vale/Retail)
Utapri S1-4 (WhyNot – eventually)

Steins;Gate Drama CDs
Robotics;Notes Drama CDs

Planned projects:

TV airings:
Steins;Gate 0

BD/DVD: (Provided the DVDISO/BDISO/BDMV show up on pd/share)

Garo – The Carved Seal of Flames
High Speed! -Free! Starting Days-

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