For now, I will be posting links that has the best release of each of the currently airing anime (and maybe manga releases but doubtful since I follow so many) at the end of each week (ie Saturday/Sunday). If a specific group is late in the release, then it will not be posted because I refuse to use multiple groups for an archive, as I am sure most people do too. I’ll start by posting a backlog of the episodes up until this point and will add the releases weekly. For more information on the series that I will be posting, refer to the image at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Some information on the releases and the criteria I will be using

  • I will only post a link to the torrent and not any service like MU or MF or RS, etc.
  • If you want to download the latest release from irc just visit my channel and grab it from the xdcc bot (EN). I only host the latest release of a couple of the series on my xdcc though.
  • I will only pick the highest quality available (ie, usually 720p but sometimes 480p and absolutely 1080p when available) and will try to avoid upscales
  • I try to pick a group that has good styles, karaoke, and feel for the subtitles.
  • I also generally try and pick the group that I feel does the best job on the translation (regardless of whether or not it is ripped or fansubbed).
  • I will update at the end with batch torrents if they are available.

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