PlanetSide 2

Anyone playing this right now? Anyone want to be playing this right now? Looking for a good outfit to play with too, so leave me some suggestions in the comments.

Game is live now. IGN: dokupe. Terran Republic. US East: Mattherson. Might stream it depending on how my system handles it –

Note: RaiderZ was super mediocre, so we’re done with it already. Currently waiting on Dragon’s Prophet to try out (well, TESO is what I really want to play, but that’s a long way out). Might get back into MechWarrior Online if there’s an outfit worth joining. Going to try out SWTOR now that it’s f2p cause I want KotOR 3 dammit.

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26 Responses to PlanetSide 2

  1. ZeroGravity says:

    I’m not playing it (didn’t know it was already out) but I’d love to. How do you get into the beta?

  2. vanhoe says:

    What server do you play?
    If you’re playing in the EU server then I’ll be able to join you.
    Also, Loyalty Beyond Death!!!!!

  3. Reso says:

    Awesome, great to see another TR on Lysithea.
    Don’t have an outfit yet, but been playing with a TF2 community that’s been hella enjoying the game, so we might make an outfit for ourselves.
    Hope you find an outfit you like.

  4. Burken says:

    Sup! still got any extra keys?

  5. Kaz says:

    If your looking for a good outfit.

    TAW-The Art of warfare was formed in 2001, we are a premier multi National gaming organizing. We support over 20 games and 1900 members. We’ve got a NA, EU, and a AU Division already rolling for Planetside 2. If your interested please check us out at

  6. Fuji says:

    Wish i could say i was excited for TESO, While it’s just the Generic MMO Experience. Graphics look great.. But question i have to ask is what Engine is Zenimax / Bethesda going to be running TESO on.. The current engines they use are pretty polly hungry already. If it’s anything like Fallout 3 / NV / Skyrim.. I would say there doomed. Alot of MMO’s are still friendly to lower end connections. I just dont see TESO being one of them. While i would love to see it playable on a low end connection.. I just dont think it’s gonna happen.

  7. vanhoe says:

    IT’S LIVE!!!
    also downloading this shit is fucking slow

  8. vanhoe says:

    Guide on joining an outfit.

  9. Xero says:

    I would advise against trying the SWTOR F2P, they managed to make the game nigh-unto unplayable if you don’t have a subscription. In other words, it’s a F2P that pushes you towards getting a subscription, because it’s barely worth playing without.

    Though if you do find yourself trying it and need assistance, I started my sub up again just before F2P hit for the free stuff, I’m on Jedi Covenant, character: Either Xerodark or Derptastic

    • Quattro says:

      Well, I really just want to play this as a pseudo-KOTOR 3. Should still work just fine for that right?

      • Xero says:

        There is no way to compare an MMO to the original KotOR’s, but yeah, it should at least restrain the beast that is wanting a third KotOR. =/

        • Quattro says:

          Agreed. I would 100% rather have an actual third game.

          And yeah, I’ve kept up with the f2p move since it was first announced. Shame they basically turned it into an extended demo.

          • Xero says:

            “Extended demo” is an excellent way to describe it.

            By the way, there are 3 US East servers in Planetside 2, which are you on?
            I’ll be frank, I suck at it, but it’d be more fun to play with other people…. *SLIGHTLY* less random people. At least I’d know we have a couple common interests. xD

          • Quattro says:

            We’ll be playing on Mattherson. There’s a few of us playing so far. May try to get some others to join too.

            None of us really know what we’re doing all that much either. We’ll probably try to join an outfit so we can do something constructive instead of running around with no purpose.

            Feel free to add me or MrDrSr on steam. That way you can join us if we’re in game.

  10. SpeeDy_G says:

    well quattro im trying to add u to steam.. but it saz private profile… what should i do

  11. SpeeDy_G says:

    i cant add u man

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