Ping Pong The Animation – Batch

[WhyNot] Ping Pong The Animation - 01 [192214DE].mkv_snapshot_00.19_[2014.04.12_05.18.11]

This was a fun ride. A lot more work than I had signed up for really, but it was worth it. BDs eventually.

Afinon (Timer)
Hybrid21 (Typesetter)
logarithm (Backup typesetter)
Acid` (QC, ran the encodes)
Sobre (Backup QC)
Quattro (TLC, editor, encoder, backup typesetter, stuff doer)

Edit: Whoops, almost forgot the patches.

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11 Responses to Ping Pong The Animation – Batch

  1. bomaye6 says:

    Thank you for this!

    Will you do the BD as well?

  2. aa says:

    Any patches for v2?

  3. Thanks for the batch!

    Ep. 9, is that error in Kong’s line at 1:41 (“time to molpe”) a flub of his or a typo?
    (Also, Aegisub can’t extract subs for this episode, but can do so no problem for the others, any suggested workarounds?)

  4. Juggen says:

    The delta file for ep9 is missing in the zip file.

  5. Bulletmagnet says:

    Patches? Batches? We don’t need no stinking batches!!!

  6. blue_lightning says:

    xdelta3 data for 09v3 is broken. The default name is incorrectly specified as “ping pong 09 premux []”.

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