Phi Brain Season 3

Guess we’ll see you then.

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  1. Xanatos says:

    Can you please give us an update for Utakoi?
    I would like to know if I have to wait patiently or change the subgroup(hope it won’t get that far) ;-)

    • Quattro says:

      Not the place to ask for this, but I’ll answer anyway.

      It’s being worked on.

      • jigamutt says:

        Guess I’m not the only one who thinks Phi Brain has become a “filler” between other better anime. Not that it’s a terrible anime but, the exact same theme of everyone hanging out all cool, then somebody is kidnapped and Kaito needs to solve a dangerous puzzle, became stale somewhere around episode 6 season one. Naruto and Fairy Tail have plot progression. Nuff said. Please respond with massive emo rage cursing my name thank you.

        • AsuraE says:

          Insert obligatory >implying that 99% of anime isn’t filler and just plain bad here

        • Zet says:

          >Naruto and Fairy Tail anime
          >Plot progression


          But seriously, that’s a laugh. I’ll admit that I read the manga for both Naurto and Fairy Tail, but saying their anime counterparts has plot progression is a laugh.

        • Vale says:

          i especially loved it when naruto pulled off a whole hundred episodes of fillers. oh pissing from temple roofs while dressed a girl, oh those glorious days

        • Herpy says:

          >Naruto and Fairy Tail
          >plot progression

          OK, I lol’d… But I agree with you on the Phi Brain part: 1st season was pretty good, 2nd was just filler.

  2. 27CansOfTuna says:

    Ah more Pahzuru! Cant wait, hopefully a Kaito x Freecell x Rook teamup against bad puzzle enthusiasts.

  3. Harimau says:


  4. FFFFFUUUUU says:

    As if an entire year of this bullshit wasn’t enough…

  5. babby says:

    …choco ;_;

  6. Fuji says:

    Woo. Not the best anime, But it’s intresting pausing it and trying to figure out the puzzles before hand lol.. I have way to much time on my hands apprently. Looking forward to S3.

    Also. As it seems no one can ask and just spam “Choco”. Whats the current status on Choco 9-10+. Could care less if it takes a month to finish. Just like da status updates hehe.

  7. wantei says:

    dude where’s koichoco ;_;

  8. OPFAN says:

    Are you guys also gonna sub the Phi Brain Special? :D

  9. arararagi says:

    is there an exact date for choco?.. thanks :D

  10. Prid says:

    WOW!!!! Awesome news, I love the series :’)

  11. Someone says:

    What are your plans for fall season? Other than this show of course.

    • Quattro says:

      Phi isn’t airing this fall. It’s sometime in 2013. As for fall, dunno. We’ll figure that out later once more stuff has aired and we know for sure what is being simulcasted.

  12. archithai says:

    Please pick up Sukitte Iinayo and/or Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. I’d really like to watch it this season and it would be a huge huge HUGE plus if it were subbed by UTW. :)

  13. archithai says:

    Sorry, that was many fails on my part. Was too wrapped up in UTW releasing Nisemonogatari. That was meant to be posted in the next article and was meant to be addressed too WhyNot. >_>

  14. yanhomo says:
    For the new characters: Dude is named Enigma and the girl is named Ratsel (R├Ątsel)

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