Phi Brain S3 – 24 and 25 delayed

Sorry everyone. vale’s out traveling for the next two weeks, so we’ll be using CR for the last two episodes. That means later than usual releases.

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7 Responses to Phi Brain S3 – 24 and 25 delayed

  1. My1 says:

    are you doing v2s with your own subs some time later???

  2. tankashi says:

    Thanks for informing us!

  3. iku says:

    Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for all your work over the season!

  4. dmonhiro says:

    Oh man… 2 more episodes and this ends. It’s been a long and fun ride. Thanks.

  5. izeroii says:

    Never thought I would see three seasons of puzzle time. Thanks for work. Await to finish this. S1 > S2 > S3. Yes it did deteriorate as it went on but hopefully the finale is worth it.

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