Phi Brain S3 – 22

[WhyNot] Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle S3 - 22 [B17EF45F].mkv_snapshot_24.27_[2014.03.03_00.44.44]

I… ;_;7 ;_;7.

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6 Responses to Phi Brain S3 – 22

  1. Rumi says:

    I don’t believe it-
    Thanks for subs

  2. Kaitou21 says:

    Is this episode even more saddening than the last? Anyway thanks for the episode.

  3. dk08 says:

    thx u for phi brain.

    @quattro i have one question about Irresponsible Captain Tylor will you maybe continued it
    i hope i love this anime ^ ^

  4. macxxx007 says:

    Cool… thanks so much!

  5. dk08 says:

    sweet thx u so much ^ ^

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