Phi Brain S3 – 02

[WhyNot] Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle S3 - 02 [FCFBAEA5].mkv_snapshot_11.16_[2013.10.14_03.44.04]

Some real world thing delayed the translation a few hours. And apparently we were all blind. New girl’s name is romanized as Raetsel in the OP. Meganebu tomorrow.

The ED will be fixed for the batch. Apparently no one noticed it was different after the first few lines…

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8 Responses to Phi Brain S3 – 02

  1. macxxx007 says:


    Well… it’s a German word so it’s not like you were wrong before… but whatever… thanks so much for the episode!

    Have a great night!

  2. Kai Ken says:

    Rätsel Feinschmecker will forever be the “true” Ratsel for me, though…

  3. yanhomo says:

    Maybe Amgine is a better fit instead of Amguinea, reversed Enigma, the president of said republic.

    • Quattro says:

      I typically go with whatever vale puts for stuff like that, so I didn’t really notice while editing. Plus, it was after midnight. I do like that idea better though -_-.

  4. Rolca says:

    I prefer Rätsel but Raetsel is fine too.
    The ending’s singers this time are Gammon and Ana, and it seems like the lyrics are different for the solo parts and the following chorus. Do they mean the same thing as the first episode’s ending or were the lyrics not updated? I’m not implying you’re deaf, I’m just curious to know what they’re saying :p

  5. Belphegor says:

    Thank you.

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