Phi Brain S2 – Batch

So this was supposed to be released a few days ago. It has been on the bot for a while too. Oops.

v2 patches

vale (Translator)
RandomEntropy1 (Editor, batch)
Riktasi (Timer)
Quattro (Encoder)

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9 Responses to Phi Brain S2 – Batch

  1. klv12gcn says:

    Thank you very much!

  2. Mizulach says:

    So, which one i should delete
    – 01v2


    – 01 ?

  3. GhostKiller_________ says:

    Thanks You!

    Seems like every episode got a v2 any major changes ?

  4. Creeper says:

    lol just passed by and saw that MSG my god really v1-v2 + thank you very much

  5. LoyalMinion21 says:

    Thanks for S2/batch/patch/and all your hard work!

    Could you please re-upload the patch for the season 1 batch?

    Just realized I never patched it back then and now the mediafire link is no more ; ;

    • MrDrSr says:

      So I just realized that I archived the wrong version of S1. I’m not sure if anyone else still has the patches, but I can make new ones once I finish getting all the v2’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would love to get the S1 batch patches since the mediafire link is broken. Q_Q
      Wouldn’t want to re-download another 6.8GB again just for fixing them to v2/3.

      Do anyone still have the batch file? Would really appreciate them. <3

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