Phi Brain S2 – 06


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25 Responses to Phi Brain S2 – 06

  1. ranmachua says:

    What happened to Shining Hearts? Is it still on? I hope it won’t end up like Medaka Box getting dropped.

  2. debstaman says:

    yea still waiting on shining hearts ?????

  3. Huh says:

    What is this? I remember ordering bread, not cake.

  4. macxxx007 says:

    Lol… Marie Antoinette reference

    Thanks for the episode! NIGHT!

  5. Len says:

    what a joke. delay delay then drop might as well don’t even pick up the show in the 1st place

    • Herpy says:

      U MAD.

      Are you stupid or what? They said the only dropped show this season is Medaka, so Pan is still being subbed… For God’s sake, learn to recognize a troll/sarcasm post.

      • Len says:

        We do not plan on dropping anything else though, barring any unforeseen circumstances of course. more like are u stupid? they never said ” THE ONLY ” stupid you learn to read before u talk dumb

        • AsuraE says:

          >barring any unforeseen circumstances
          Yeah, fairly sure that implies nothing else is going to get dropped. Hence why all questions of “Is show X dropped?” are answered sarcastically. Now go on, keep arguing. I guarantee I have a better idea of what goes on around here than you do.

  6. Corbyn says:

    Because complaining about a delay from a group doing this FOR FREE is obviously smart and will make them release faster…

  7. Herpy says:

    Oh, yes, finally! Thanks for the episode, guys.

  8. Quattro says:

    Can none of you asking about Shining bread read? The answer is one fucking post down. Just one.

    • Brian says:

      I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the good, hard work you do each week, and throw myself on the group’s mercy and assure you that not all the people who follow you guys are slobbering morons who can’t read and can’t wait a couple of days for a release. Please ignore them.

      Everyone else, shut the fuck up before the really do drop it or delay it more out of spite. No one would be able to blame them either after the way you fucktards are acting.

      • amen665 says:

        ^ typed all that while sucking on Quattro dick.

        • Suzume! says:

          lol u gotta say he’s pro(xD tnx guys )

        • Brian says:

          More like remembering my time working in a sub group myself and staying up to ungodly hours to churn out releases that were never appreciated and then getting raged at if they were five fucking minutes late.

          • TugaFan says:

            People should appreciate work done by someone that do subs for free. In my case fansubs are the only way to get to see most shows in my country and i thank fansubs for that. If i need to wait some time because people are busy, i ill wait. Thanks for sub Shining Hearts.

    • Anon says:

      Makes me wonder why they even need subs if they can’t read, or detect sarcasm.

      Anyway, good work guys; thanks for the releases

  9. Alesianduke says:

    Thank you for this release!

  10. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks for subing :D

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