Phi Brain S2 – 04


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6 Responses to Phi Brain S2 – 04

  1. kurini says:

    Yeahh, quicker release than usual! :P
    Thank you!

  2. macxxx007 says:

    saw that coming a mile away… thanks for the episode and have a good night!

  3. VanFinale says:

    I’ve watched 29 episodes of this show now and I still don’t know why I enjoy it or even keep watching.

  4. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  5. zw says:

    @VanFinale: We’re in the same boat, then!
    I have no idea why I decided to watch the first season and keep on watching the second season…. Stuck in the middle of “not-that-good” and “not-that-bad”, and perhaps I was looking for something different to watch every season.

    Thanks for the hard work, guys!

    Oh, and I love the OP… Like it better than May’n. :p

  6. anon-tan says:

    I watch this for the VAs. And Ana. And Gammon. And that OP and ED.

    Also three things I noticed while watching:
    5:21 – “peeked” should be “piqued.”
    8:07 – “mansion” is really “apartment building”, “apartment complex”, or “apartment house” because loljapan.
    12:33 – “that” is missing.

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