Phi Brain S1 – Batch

vale (Translator)
RandomEntropy1 (Editor)
Riktasi (Timer) – Attempting murder with puzzles seems totally legit.
AsuraE (Encoder 1-17)
Quattro (Encoder 18-25, typesetter)
Mirco22 (QC)

Batch patches

And on to season 2~

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13 Responses to Phi Brain S1 – Batch

  1. Wuntvor says:

    Everything is V2 and even one v3, so what changed? Glad there is a patch for all 25 episodes, just needed to make sure I had an extra 6.8 Gigs to unpack them all into.

    • RandomEntropy1 says:

      All the eps needed to be v2’d because there was a “ne” missing in the romaji in the ED. Other than that, it was mostly consistency stuff (e.g. “Armband of Orpheus”) plus some other random things.

  2. Question says:

    So is the episode 00 a pre-air?

    • AsuraE says:

      Seeing as how 1) there is no ep 00 and 2) the link that says 00 links to a batch for eps 1-25 (noting of course that there is no ep 00), I highly doubt that it’s a pre-air. But I’ll pretend that you just accidentally posted this in the wrong post so you can keep your dignity :>

  3. Reiko says:

    Just finished watching this. Was a great show, thanks for subbing it.

    Don’t know if you guys are still taking corrections, but in episode 19 @ 11:17, “Allow me (to) explain the rules”. Same episode @ 21:07, “I won’t let anyone to get in my way”.

    • Wuntvor says:

      Or they could use “I won’t allow anyone to get in my way”, which is longer, but uses the “to” and gets rid of the “let” by replacing it with “allow”. Very subtle difference in meaning. It is mainly dependent on the power of the individual speaking to change the situation. Using “allow” implies the individual has the power to tell them what to do and expects them to follow orders, while using “let” implies forcing them to do what the individual wants regardless of what they want. In this situation I think “let” fits better. (grin)

    • Wuntvor says:

      Oh, and “allow” works better for the “Allow me to explain the rules” line, since he, being the giver, is in the position to tell the solver what to do. It appears that the editor had the same problem with both lines, missing a “to” in the first and adding a “to” in the second. Interesting.

  4. Suki says:

    Is there a chance of getting a new link to the patches?
    It got removed from mediafire and I don’t really like the idea of downloading 6,8GB again.

  5. Hey there, thanks for your hard work in sharing these awesome shows! I have the same problem with Suki there, is it possible for you guys to re-up the patches? MF link doesn’t work anymore :/

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