Phi Brain – 21

My feet hurt. T_T

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  1. What the phuck says:

    Why do I hear Another’s audio on around 11 min mark? troll more?

    • Quattro says:

      Nothing like that in the file I have (which is what we released). Check the crc.

      • flipr says:

        mplayer2 claims that the end of the file is around the 11 minute mark and won’t play again until around the 13 minute mark. Maybe related? I checked the crc32, it was wrong, downloaded again, and it was the same: 0EE2CA37.

        • Quattro says:

          Where are you downloading it from?

          Try something else if that’s the case.

          • flipr says:

            I used the ddl link. The torrent probably works, but it’ll be a while before that will finish downloading for me to check (torrenting on campus is less than optimal).

          • Quattro says:

            Try the ddl link again. I actually replaced it shortly after releasing, so you may have been one of the few people who downloaded it.

          • flipr says:

            I tried the ddl link again — same problem, same crc. It stops at 11:04, and I can’t seek until after ~12:50. I’ll let you know if the same thing happens with the torrent once it finishes.

          • flipr says:

            Correct. Incidentally, the torrent finally came up in my queue, and it found the ddl’d file. It did it’s file scan and was reporting that it was 94.82% done.

            Btw, I forgot to say this earlier, thanks for the realease! Sorry I’m here causing trouble.

          • flipr says:

            The torrent completed and everything worked fine. The crc checked out and the video played fine. I guess animeddl ate part of the file?

          • Quattro says:

            I’ll try reuploading one more time. Who knows what went wrong.

          • Anon says:

            I had the same problem with sage’s Gundam AGE earlier today, which I also got from ddlanime, so it’s likely ddlanime’s fault.

          • Quattro says:

            Actually, that was sage’s fault. It was a muxing error, not a download error. The leader verified it herself. The error reported here is not present in my file (which I released). I’ve reuploaded it once again, so hopefully that’ll fix it. If not, they you’re right, it is on their end.

  2. macxxx007 says:

    Interesting… mine should be fine then… I think…

    Regardless, thanks for the episode!


  3. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  4. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks :D

  5. geasslord says:

    So I download the video using the ddl given and the audio jumps to Another around the 11 minute mark. I try looking around for another version but it all the same. Also, I can’t torrent while on campus so if anyone can provide a ddl for the correct file, thanks.

  6. geasslord says:

    Download the file multiple times from different sites and all the same. Guess I gotta wait till I get back home to torrent and xdcc the file to see if they work. Guess no Phi Brain for me for a while

    • Quattro says:

      If you must, just stream it or something. If for some reason none of the downloads are working for you (not sure how that is possible, since my original file is just fine), then just stream this one.

      Also, did you check the crc to make sure it’s not corrupted?

      • geasslord says:

        How do I check to see if the crc is corrupted? (Not very knowledgeable in this area)

        • Quattro says:

          Use animechecker. It’s simple enough.

          • geasslord says:

            Turns out the file is corrupted and so is everyone other ddl out there. (at least all of the ddls that don’t take an hour+ to download)

          • Quattro says:

            That means someone is probably seeding from a corrupted file or something. Nothing I can do there. DDLAnime hasn’t been letting me upload at all since Sunday either. Try animetake/animetosho or just stream this episode.

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