Phi Brain – 16

So, uploadstation and filejungle both removed their affiliate programs with no notice, just like fileserve. TIME TO TRY SOMETHING ELSE.

Also, this was supposed to be released sometime yesterday. Been just sitting there. Oh well. <- Give me the nyaa details dammit =_= <-- I thought MrDrSr gave them to you? <-nope.mkv EDIT: As always, our releases are available via xdcc on our IRC channel, in case any of you didn't know. Alt DDL

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16 Responses to Phi Brain – 16

  1. Nickienator says:

    Just stop posting DDL links.

    • Quattro says:

      A lot of people prefer DDL links, and we don’t mind providing them. It’s just nice that we can cover our servers that way too.

      We’ll keep looking for a stable host, and if don’t find one, who knows.

  2. Gamen says:

    It’s an evolving situation, and there won’t be a stable host for at least several weeks.

  3. Esam says:

    still no Poyopoyo?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is it me or is this release oversharpened a bit? It’s encoded from a .ts, right?

    About those DDLs: I expect most of those that provided cash to close down or close their doors to US-based traffic. In the past people still provided their own DDL servers on the side besides XDCC bots, but it’s not as common these days because there of the money-making incentive some of DDL services have. If you still care about DDL after all this, I would say mediafire and rapidshare are doing reasonably well – mediafire doesn’t limit segmented/parallel downloads/no captcha/no timer, but has some 200MB size limit (split files), rapidshare has a 0-3 minute waiting timer between files and a size limit for non-premium users (some 400MB), but their speeds are very good lately (50-100Mbps unlimited is not uncommon) – in either case, you can download gigabytes of content within a fairly short amount of time if you use the right scripts/programs (premium or no premium accounts). There’s also various other less known free services (for example: bayfiles), whose service isn’t too terrible either. If you’re in this for quick cash, go pick whatever service still has an affil program, if you’re in it for actually increasing accessibility of your releases while keeping it comfortable for the leecher, do your own tests and decide which provides better performance then use some multi-uploader tool to upload to all of them at once (or script something using plowshare+rss feed to automatically upload your releases).

    • Quattro says:

      The minuscule amount we made via fileserve was entirely put towards servers for the group so that we could provide more (xdcc bot, vps to seed for example) to our leechers.

      Fileserve (and all other file hosts we’d use) is entirely free for users, so there’s no point in providing DDLs from our own server (which would cost a lot more to provide than we have). I don’t see how, regardless of what DDL host we pick, that it’s not increasing the availability of our releases. They are all free for leechers (torrent, xdcc, DDL, and I’m sure people have other ways we don’t even provide).

  5. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks :D

  6. RedRum says:

    @20:37 That would kill for a normal person for sure! -> That would kill a normal person for sure!

  7. BakaAho says:

    Will you do Gokujo. ? It is only 5 minutes long.

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