Phi Brain – 10

Figures this is ready for release just when my pizza gets here. >_>

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  1. blackice85 says:


  2. macxxx007 says:

    2ND AGAIN!

    Oh wow… costumes… and I thought basing a manga/anime series was ridiculous…. oh well, now the concept looks better than that outfit… SO JOY!

    Thanks so much for the episode! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!

  3. Heero yuy_LK says:

    what progam do you people use to play this i got K lite codec peck + matroska pack becouse my friend zaid it would work but …..
    i also tryed VlC but with no luck

  4. Auro says:

    Post Pic Costume and Sparkle approaching Ginga Bishounen levels

  5. Pitchblack says:

    The episode was great but the end with Gammon saying “Bloody hell” and “Why am I swearing in British English” killed it a bit. I don’t know japanese except from the animes I watch but I’m sure I heard something like Kansai and I figured he was swearing in the Kansai Dialect. I know it may not have a direct translation to it but in my opinion I would have prefered a TL note than a localized translation; the comparison was good tho =).

    Good job with this episode and thx for subbing it!

    • AsuraE says:

      Tl notes are what shitsubbers use. They’re ugly, annoying, intrusive and willforce a viewer to pause the video just to read it 99% of the time . Anyway, the localisation works perfectly. Not localising it would be the same as leaving words like “arigato” and “ohayo” in instead of translating them.

      • Pitchblack says:

        I see ^^ I guess I’m the one used to stop the videos I watch really often to take screencaps :P and I end up not minding.

        Thanks for your opinion.

    • Auro says:

      Have to admit I read British English and jumped back before going “ahh, Kansai accent”, but have to agree with AsuraE on this one. There are a handful of show’s that I’ve seen that in 10+ years of anime viewing that MIGHT have benefited from a TL note at the end (Off the top of my head, Shinsen-Sub’s Rental Magica, where TL notes at the end were background about the occult things that were referenced. They were interesting but definitely not required to enjoy the viewing experience), but most of the time a good TL can and will replace something like that in order to preserve the flow of dialogue.

  6. Fruit Punch Samurai says:

    Whats the studio or site that use that eye looking kind of logo

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