Phi Brain – 06

We’ll v2v3 this later with proper typesetting if people want it badly enough. No point in delaying this release any further for typesetting. We have virtually no active typesetters so everything is getting delayed because of it.

Also, Nura 17 will be later tonight, and 18 hopefully this weekend.

Edit: v2 patch (fonts and chapter file added, nothing else)

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22 Responses to Phi Brain – 06

  1. Koby says:

    Either you didn’t bother selecting the correct fonts due to lack of typesetter or you forgot to mux in the fonts as everything is using a different font this episode.

    Also.. no chapters?

    • Quattro says:

      I’ve been extremely busy as of late (with exams and papers), so I have not been around to oversee the projects as usual. We’ve usually managed with no typesetters because I cover it, but that hasn’t been feasible. Typesetters have nothing to do with the styling of anything but typesets, so that wouldn’t be affected.

      tl;dr Yes, fonts and chapters were forgotten this time apparently.

  2. DmonHiro says:

    Wow, Gammon scored MAJOR points this episode. I knew he wasn’t a jerk deep down, but damn, he really was OK with him dying if Nonoha was safe. Also, while he hates admitting it, he likes Kaito.

  3. Io says:

    UtaPri soon…?

  4. Osin says:

    Well after wathing the episode I don’t think it needs v3. It looks fine for me. Thanks for the release, good work guys.

  5. Margaan says:

    Erm…. any clue why this encode (and none of the others) would be playing at ~3x speed? It doesn’t seem to be my player…

  6. YAY says:

    YAY FOR NURA 17 AND 18!

  7. evgenidb says:

    Will there be v3 release or not? If there would be, I’d rather wait a little while longer (I still have other shows to watch as well anyway) for the better release and if there won’t be any, I can download it now and start watching it.

  8. suki says:

    Thanks for episode! downloading now :)

  9. YAY says:

    The quality on this episode was crap compared to the others?
    What happened? Was it aired in SD??

  10. HBK says:

    By crap YAY meant the visual glitches. I don’t find them annoying and I’m going to stick with your releases because the subs quality is great if not perfect.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Quattro says:

      That just means you don’t have 10-bit playback set up properly (probably). Otherwise, screenshot or time please. Most of the time, video glitches are not something we can control and they are present on the ts itself.

      • HBK says:

        Thanks for the hint Quattro. I just updated my version of ffdshow because, you could say, it was antique(r.1620) . Now everything works like a charm. :D

  11. PiisAWheel says:

    It took me a while to find this one because it was uncatagorized. Just thought you might wanna know.

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