Phi Brain – 05

<&MrDrSr|Laptop> anybody seeding it?
<&MrDrSr|Laptop> anybody?
<&MrDrSr|Laptop> ._.

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31 Responses to Phi Brain – 05

  1. Mirk says:

    Thanks for the release! Just curious, does the typesetter for phi brain not want to typeset for nura? Phi brain had a fast ass release

    • Quattro says:

      Nura is stalled mainly because I’ve been so busy with exams and papers. We really don’t have any active typesetters (besides myself and Individual12 who is busy too), so nura gets delayed. Phi brain usually has no typesets so there’s nothing to get delayed.

      • Mirk says:

        Thanks for the speedy reply as always Quattro. I totally understand about the exams and papers. I’m going through those myself at the moment, so best of luck to you!

  2. quaestor says:

    LMMFAO LOVE THE CHAPTER NAMES! Hope you find a willing victim typesetter soon.

  3. lieila says:

    Thanks for the fast release of this series despite busy sched. Will wait for Nura from you.

  4. Incest is Wincest says:

    Sora~ <3

  5. macxxx007 says:

    Kudos for making me almost vomit in my mouth as I remembered watching “Yosuga no Sora” … sorry, I like the first 3 girls the best… incest is not really wincest for me… sorry

    Thanks for the episode and I hope you have a great Halloween!


  6. Mirk says:

    Btw next time you gaiz do dat, please put up a NSFW :\. But I did lawl. My jaw dropped pretty hard the first time I saw that

    • AsuraE says:

      You do realise that even if we say nsfw that the picture would still be there and the nsfw would be completely meaningless, right?

      • Mirk says:

        I meant a link, or a spoiler function/button, etc. I do realize that if you just put one line it obviously won’t be enough to cover my screen so that I’d have to scroll to get to the picture (Unless you used huge font/ had several lines of “NSFW-NSFW-NSFW”. Didn’t think I had to explain myself.

        • AsuraE says:

          But then that defeats the point of have a post pic…

          • Mirk says:

            There’s a fine line between nudity and humor. Yes they can go hand in hand, but if the site is not known for posting nudity in the post pic, then there is no expectation for such. So when you spring it on your followers it does come off as a bit shocking and ‘unexpected’ (excuse me for the lack of a better term).

            In other words, because whynot doesn’t post nudity related content (hard nipples blatantly obvious), whynot should at least provide a more conscious effort to ease its viewers into their new-found method of expression. Obviously you don’t have to and you can troll us with and dicks, but don’t you want a huge mass following? :X?

          • Mirk says:

            “We have the choice to be the better man” as professor xavier would say.

            Do it. Do it. Do it Naowww.

          • MrDrSr says:

            It’s not like I haven’t done this before.

  7. AsuraE says:

    Wow, never knew people got so worked up about a barely visible nipple. Be honest, the real reason you’re going on about this is because someone walked in on you while you were looking at the pic, isn’t it :3

    • Mirk says:

      Ya got me bro. I was furiously fapping away at the sight of a bare nipple only to be caught and humiliated by my professor.

      • Mirk says:

        Then she proceeded to fondle me after class….

        and then i woke up

        • Keiichi says:

          Or, you know, don’t go on anime related websites in places where some aspects of Otaku-ness may be construed as inappropriate.

          And yes, all forms of Otaku-ness do include some level of, what many people would consider, perversion.

  8. BigBoss90It says:

    Thank you!

  9. ~sky says:

    tbh, i never even notice theres a nipple there….. until i read the comment…… you cant really blame the site for your keen eye on the nudities…… :P

  10. Phi Brain says:

    Here… If u want the lyrics for the opening.

    It’s a live performance from May’n – Brain Diver with kanjis.

  11. Selecao says:

    Response to pic: I think she’ll have what you’re having. XD

  12. Ry0 says:

    what anime in the screenshot?

  13. Mango says:

    Damn i remember that yosuga no sora scene
    it was intensely hilarious

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