Phi Brain – 01

>mfw new show

Just a reminder, everything we pick up will be a 10-bit encode. See this post for details.

<~Quattro> “Oh hai, we’re doing this. Vale’s the translator.”
<~Quattro> Delays brought to you by this being the first episode and working out the kinks

Note from the TL:
<&valerauko> kaito’s name is probably a pun on the word “kaitou” which means answer/solution


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93 Responses to Phi Brain – 01

  1. Woahthere says:

    Any other plans for this season?

  2. tergx says:

    I seriously thought no one was going to do this.. Thank Jesus it was you guys though. Thanks :)

  3. wut says:


  4. N says:

    Are you guys going to do 480p releases at all?

  5. N says:

    best to ignore that last comment.
    I meant to ask another sub group about another show.
    What I meant to say here was thanks for doing Phi Brain.

  6. wut says:

    Spotted this, what happened with the font?

  7. Jun says:

    No 8-bit version?

  8. macxxx007 says:

    Cool… thanks for the episode!

  9. anim3spy says:

    There are some video glitches around 9:45.

    • Quattro says:

      We know. It was in the ts. Can’t be helped.

      Apparently when the encoder downloaded the ts, it was corrupted at some point. We’ll v2 it for the batch.

  10. lygerzero0zero says:

    Just thinking out loud here.

    You had: Jikugawa, what do you think?
    I’d say: Jikugawa, [just] what are/were you thinking?

    You had: I just can’t sit around knowing that the trash who made it are still out there.
    I’d say: I can’t forgive the trash who made this thing.
    [A bit literal, perhaps, but you have no evidence that the creators are “still out there.” For all we know, they were ancient architects who died hundreds of years ago.]

    You had: The hell? We’re stuck here.
    I’d say: Nothing’s here. Something just bugs me, though.
    [Wrong interpretation of 引っかかる. He’s “stuck” or “caught” in his head; something has caught his attention or draws him to that place, but he doesn’t know what.]

    And several more that I can’t be bothered to go through the episode again to find. But hey, overall a good release.

  11. Nightwalker says:

    Thanks for the release but did yall stop using honorifics??

  12. hikaru says:

    the encoded file dosen’t play, i have used the following players (zoom player, windows media player, media play classic and Cyberlink DVD Player 11), the audio works when using Cyberlink. Using CCCP 7-30-11.

  13. DeadHungryMe28 says:

    Whynot?staffs.. Any 8bit plans? Re-encoding your 10bit is quite a pain, it shows pixelations on some sections.. Anyways, hope you can also release 8bit since hi10 is just too messy~ still.. Also, I can watch it.. No problems on CCCP+K-lite latest although the problem is when re-encoding..

  14. DeadHungryMe28 says:

    Lol, I just did ask. So why the hell are you answering so damnly rude? This is just stupid.. I might as well get the raw and then get only your SSA file.. I hope you die now Asura E..

    • AsuraE says:

      Because before we released anything in 10-bit, I wrote a post. An extremely long post that has answered every damn question that people keep on asking. That post has also been linked in this post. All people need to do is READ and not ask annoying questions that have already been answered.

    • AsuraE says:

      And if your encode is pixelated/has strange effects because of the 10-bit encode use dss or dss2.

  15. Arson says:

    Thanks for subbing this, I look forward to an average season.

  16. DeadHungryMe28 says:

    Nah, well, I apologize on my part too~
    I just over-reacted. well, that’s quite unfortunate then. HandBrake said they won’t support hi10.. So I guess I’ll have to find another.. Anyways, does Nurari no Mago s2 be in hi10 also?

  17. DeadHungryMe28 says:

    thanks, just finished reading the post above 10bit..
    well, the answers were given so it’s now clear. thanks again..

  18. Ruly says:

    Any chance you guys will be doing Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon nobody else is doing it right now , it would be awesome if you did it :)

  19. Hassy says:

    ic u made kara very fabulous

  20. , says:

    Meh it’s an ok first episode, would of rather watched the new nura episode but i can see why the first episode of a new project is higher prio.

  21. wiper says:

    Yes, I did read the 10bit post and I can see the video, but the playback rate is almost 2x of normal. I have watched some 10bit reencodes before and havent’ seen similar problem. I’m using MPC-HC + CCCP. Any ideas what could be wrong?

    • lol says:

      Yeah, you not being able to play 8bit.

    • AsuraE says:

      This is the first time I’ve heard of this happening so I’m not really sure… Have you checked to make sure that the crc is right and that the files that used to play still play now?

      • wiper says:

        What I found that haali splitter didn’t work well with the default audio filter I had (MPC – RealAudio Decoder).

        If I either use MPC built in matroska splitter or use ffdshow audio decoder (I have no idea why ffdshow AAC audio decoder was unchecked) it works fine.


  22. Ryu Haruse says:

    any plans for 8…. …. can i type bit?
    <- doesnt recognize the diff between 8bit and 10bit but thanks for your heads up; all the anime this season is 10bit thus i was prepared ;)

    though, where is my nura?

  23. Alucard says:

    Great job. Just don’t forget about the Nura’s S1 Blu-Ray! :D

  24. Io says:

    Nura is with Prince-sama…

    • Kethry says:

      UtaPri has not been forgotten! I was suddenly hit all at once with tests at uni, so I’m finishing my work on them. 10/11 are stuck elsewhere, but they’ll be out.

  25. Daniel says:

    There are weird blocks blocks all over the screen some times.

    • Quattro says:

      If you mean the ones around 9:44, we know. Other than that, you probably need to update your codecs/player to something that supports 10-bit.

    • Auro says:

      Most likely you are using a media player that cannot handle 10bit encodes. Depending on which media player you use, you may just need to update to the latest version to deal with it. I suggest you read the post linked at the top (that AshuraE has been sure to inform several people in these comments about) for more information, or to do a google search on 10-bit playback

  26. lol says:

    Nura please=(

    And not the recap shit=p

  27. mutaling banelings/roach hydra infestor says:

    wheres nurarihyon no mago sennen makyou its been over a week already i think its been 9 days going 10

  28. mutaling banelings/roach hydra infestor says:

    yeah annoying weird blocks and also sometimes it disrupts the screen but i fix it with cccp works wonders now

  29. Sean says:

    It’s me or everybody facing the same problem?…the video gt problem from0.954 to 09.46; Request for a 2nd version…>< this the problem regrading the encoding problem?

  30. The.Killer.X says:

    Thanks for the EP and the sub, but i think there is some of mistakes on your sub for e.g at time 0:00:58.41 to 0:01:00.67 you sayed [ this why i told you…! ] but i think he say
    [ idiot, it’s not the time for crying or Screaming ] .. so can you answer me, that i’m right or not ??

  31. tyrt says:

    Is it me or that sudoku in the first episode seems pretty easy.

  32. hmm says:

    Hey, did nura air in SD this week, is that why it’s delayed?

  33. hmm says:

    Nice to hear.

  34. Is it just me? I don’t see any subtitles… :8

  35. Nyankichi says:

    Sounded really promising, so thanks a bunch for subbing – but sadly worst show this season:
    Art and character-design plain awful, seiyus also not really convincing; every single character tries looking all cool and hardboiled but even B-/C-rate actors do better jobs, Nonoka is just 1000% annoying.
    I was so hoping for something Getbackers – Spiral like, which the show seemingly aspires to be but fails so, so, SO hard.
    So sorry, but I’ll pass on this one. Hope you guys subbing some other shows (better ones – so nearly ANYTHING else will do! ;-)) to watch!

  36. kon-dono says:

    did anyone else feel like watching DN Angel after watching this show? XD

  37. dopers says:

    FUCK 10 BIT-I know you guys don’t give a flying shit about people who watch fansubs with a hardware device like a Popcorn Hour A210. Most fansubbers just do it for ego gratification, why the fuck should they care what people watch their shit in, anyway? Don’t tell me to watch anime on a pc-what a fucking pain in the goddamn ass.

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