PAX East 2014

So yea, that happened this past weekend. In case you can’t tell (I wouldn’t blame you), I dressed up as Commando Lux from League of Legends. I only wore the costume for Friday, so not many got to see it. Here’s the only other picture I was able to find: [link]. Thankfully someone got Riot’s cosplay showcase thing on camera, so you can see me walk across stage over on youtube (14:54).

Yes, five inch heels are hard to walk in. Yes, my feet still hurt.

I also bought one of these things.

It’s surprisingly comfortable. Highly recommended.

Anybody else get a chance to go?

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4 Responses to PAX East 2014

  1. zik says:

    holy crap…another mangirl…at least you didn’t dress up like sailor moon or something…>.<

  2. zik says:

    then why not post them? lol…it never hurt to see what length people will go for their cosplay. saw a pic of a dude who made his war-machine out of steels…pretty clunky too…

    • MrDrSr says:

      I wasn’t really able to take pictures of the guys. And a few of them only dressed up for one day like I did. It’s not to easy to find them online either.

      I did find one guy though.

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