PAX East 2012

So I went to PAX East this weekend, and had a blast. Got to hang out with a bunch of Riot staff, play some LoL, and get my picture taken hundreds of times. This was the only one I was able to find online though. I did get two pics with Nikasaur and JawsTheMusical (I think thats his name).

Also, if you have G4tv, look for me on Tuesday during the PAX Coverage thing (I think it was for XPlay), I’m in the front row in the crowd with my friend (he’s Riot Singed).

Oh, and if anyone has pics of the LoL cosplayers, link them here. I can’t seem to find many of them even though there were more than fifty at the con.

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9 Responses to PAX East 2012

  1. Rukaroa says:

    That is an awesome Yi. Wish I could’ve gone to PAX East or even Anime Boston.

  2. ElDiablo says:

    Just 1 question,
    Is Morgan Webb as hot in person as she is on Xplay? :)

  3. zilentworld says:

    Woah that’s an awesome cosplay, what server do you play

  4. morg says:

    Ah! I have a pic of you it seems. When I get around to going through my pictures I’ll be sure to send it your way.

  5. Areks says:

    HAHAHA. Oh wow!

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