Otakon – update 2

So, tomorrow morning, I’ll be at the Hoshi o Ou Kodomo showing. I’ll be wearing this Roger Waters t-shirt. I’ll probably make some kind of big post after the con is over, but I’m beat. I’ll be attending the Q & A at 3pm too. Can’t wait~

Also, itsuka is being worked on.

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16 Responses to Otakon – update 2

  1. Slurma says:

    Enormous post with a lot of images.

  2. Kodobear says:

    I’m so hipster, I wear shirts from bands you never heard from!


  3. Genesis says:

    But Itsuka 04?

  4. Genesis says:

    I wanted your sub for my italian fansub

  5. Genesis says:

    HorribleSubs? No, I prefer not to

  6. Genesis says:


  7. Genesis says:

    But the horrible do not make Itsuka.

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