<~Quattro> AsuraE apparently has a rant and pic for freezing
<&AsuraE> I lost the rant
<&AsuraE> I’ll change shit later

I cbf to rewrite my rant, but the tl;dr of it was do not fucking complain about the names in Freezing. The people who made it couldn’t into English (as seen here). If you think I’m wrong about this, then you’d better start spelling half as harf, queen as qween and transferred as transfferd.

Freezing: WhyNot, 8bit, 1080p+FLAC, 720p+AAC
Madoka: gg, 10bit, 1080p+FLAC, 720p+AAC
Steins;Gate Vols 6-7: Commie, 10bit, 1080p+FLAC, 720p+AAC

Also: Steins;Gate v2 Galore~ (to fix the OP issue for the 1080p files and consistency issues) and Nura S2 v2 patches

Nura ep 99 is 24.5 because fuck you. inb4 s2 batch before s1.

Spoiler for Mass Credits
Nura s2:
Riktasi (Timer)
RandomEntropy1 (Timer, backup QC)
Pilot (Editor)
Mirco22 (QC)
Quattro (Encoder, editor)
Heroically (Typist)
vale (Songs)
AsuraE (randomly encoded a few eps)

AsuraE (Encoder Vol.2-6, Editor, (practically) Timer Vol.1, The person who had to fix all the shit that the show got wrong)
VoiceOfReason (Timer Vol.3-6)
Kethry (QC, Timer Vol.2)
Mirco22 (QC)
Xavier (Encoder Vol.1)

AsuraE (Encoder, Editor)
Kamikeima (QC/semi-edit)
Afinon (Timer)
Congeal (Timer)

AsuraE (Encoder)
Quattro (Editor)
RandomEntropy1 (Timer)
Riktasi (Timer)
Afinon (Timer)
Congeal (Timer)

Spoiler for Mini Update

Might as well mention here that Ika S2 batch is getting done (probably looking around next weekend), nura s1 BDs are still a fair bit off (looking at mid to late feb, you can blame Quattro for being lazy and the Australian government for only having shit internet) and that I will be doing the Denpa BDs when they come out (they’re released on the 18th but OVAs tend to be a lot slower to get uploaded than series and movies). Also, steins vol8 should be out on time this month (first time it’ll happen since we picked it up :D).

Madoka 720p 4v2

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85 Responses to OMGWTFBATCHES

  1. acid says:

    So what ever happened to the official Nura s1 batch that you promised?

  2. a concerned viewer says:

    Have the first 8 or so eps of Madoka been tlc’d? IIRC gg kicked out the translator who did those eps because he was total shit.

    • Quattro says:

      While vale (the translator who took over at episode 9 for gg) is also on staff here, we didn’t prioritize TLCing the first 8.

      The main reason being that a staff member (xavier-) took on both Freezing and Madoka as his projects but only ever did volume 1 of both before leaving…

      tl;dr Not really.

  3. Badboll says:

    Yummy things!
    The pic is gold aswell! :D
    I’m guessing there will be seeding on Madoka eventually right?

  4. Quattro says:

    tl;dr Your release sucks, you little obese American fuck.

  5. Patch says:

    When I try to download your patch for Steins;Gate vol 1 or 2 batch it downloads a text file and not a rar file. I am I doing something wrong lol?

  6. Patch says:

    Thanks for your reply. When I try the Nura patch everything is fine. The SG patch doesn’t even show as a rar fill when I click the dl window. I’ll try again later. Thank you.

  7. Patch says:

    Allright! It works now. Thank you very much for taking care of that.

  8. qaz says:

    I’ve tried to get your Madoka encodes and they looked good… until I saw the banding. It’s just awful. Encoding with 10 bits doesn’t mean that you can forget about it in filtering too. I hope you’ll solve this problem because the rest looked quite nice. Until that I’m staying with WiKi.

    Also, clean Op should have subs too – they are softsubs and won’t do any harm.

    • AsuraE says:

      1) Madoka’s a shit show that I don’t care about
      2) The BDMV looks like shit anyway
      3) I’m too lazy to look over this crap, so up some pics of where the banding is or GTFO

      Also, clean OP will never have subs because it’s a CLEAN op.

      • qaz says:

        1,2) It doesn’t matter what you think about show. Your encoder either do the job fine, or fail.
        3) It’s everywhere if you are not blind. Example where even semi-blind should notice it:
        Detail preservation in your version is worse too, even though it’s larger, 10 bit and 1080 instead of 8 bit 720 of WiKi.

        If you are too lazy to add subs to NCOP (no credits, not actually ‘clean’) just say that.

        • Quattro says:

          We don’t add subs to the NCOP/NCED because that’s the point, to have nothing. And since we don’t use ordered chapters (at least for these releases so far), there’s no need to include them. We will if/when we do ordered chapters though.

        • AsuraE says:

          What I think about the show does matter. It’s the difference between looking at it for 30 seconds, saying fuck it and not redoing it if it turns out crap, and actually doing it properly.

          • qaz says:

            And that I don’t understand. If you hate the show so much why waste time on ecoding, muxing, uploading etc. when you obviously won’t get good results with such attitude. It could be reasonable if you are the only provider of it and saving the world by just releasing it at all, but here clearly it’s not the case.

          • Quattro says:

            Another staff member picked up this series as his personal project, but has since left due to his job and such, so AsuraE agreed to finish it to not leave anyone waiting on our release hanging.

          • qaz says:

            Well, still not a good enough reason: it’s BD rip with subs of other group (don’t know about behind the scenes relations with actual translator) of popular series – so it just screams “quality, release time isn’t important”, quick and dirty job would interest no one.

            The main reason why I continue the discussion is that you acknowledge the problems and make notes for future releases where you are the primary group to watch from.

            Just looked at the encoding options – deblock seems too high, that’s probably one of the reasons of mentioned detail loss.

          • Quattro says:

            In all honesty, our reasons are moot. If AsuraE didn’t put the work in, it never would have gotten done at all. If you don’t like our Madoka release, download another one. But that does not reflect the quality of ALL our other releases. I’d suggest you check out our Steins;Gate release if you think so (that AsuraE encoded as well).

            But I digress, Madoka wasn’t handled with as much care as it could have been. We are aware of this.

          • AsuraE says:

            If you don’t like it, then just leave. I’ve made it more than clear enough that I don’t give a shit about madoka.

          • qaz says:

            I’ve checked your Steins;Gate – it’s definitely better, but not free from banding problems as well:
            With minimal effort I can do (sure, it’s not taken after encoding, bit x264 in 10 bit mode actually improves gradients, not worsens them) and from source it likely could be done even better.

          • Quattro says:

            I’d disagree on that. With the source the way it is, to get it completely banding free we’d have to throw a ridiculous amount of bitrate at it and end up with even larger files (pointlessly large, even using 10bit).

            If you really think it’s possible to end up with a filesize we can release and have no banding anywhere, I’d like to see it. Steins;Gate is a dark show and the BDs themselves aren’t spectacular. This was a compromise and a fair one given the choices.

          • AsuraE says:

            If you’re gonna talk about steins I’ll listen., then go ahead and encode that. But if you do encode it, 1) no ordered chapters, 2) no zones for the op, 3) end result must be equal or smaller in filesize to mine.

            My avs didn’t have banding either, but keeping the detail and having absolutely no banding lead to >2.5GB on average per ep. I’d rather put up with one of you bitching about minor banding (which if you’re smart enough you can easily get rid of on playback) than 20 retards bitching about how big it is.

          • qaz says:

            Can you cut me part with banding and rich details? My net is far from spectacular and downloading full BD would take like a week. (Or at least 1 full ep.) I’ll try to show what can be done at your size of this part.

            As for AsuraE’s 2) – why? I can understand no ordered chapters, but forbidding zones – your reasoning escapes me again.

          • Quattro says:

            We mean the BDMV for source in case you weren’t aware…

          • qaz says:

            That’s why I’m asking a cut of it – full BD image is quite big for my net.

          • Quattro says:

            Just encoding a single section of it wouldn’t prove anything. Of course you can work it to be better in that specific instance, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the encode would come out “perfect” as well.

            It comes down to the whole thing. If you can achieve better results with comparable sizes (or at least still reasonable), we’d love that. We want it to be as perfect as you do.

          • qaz says:

            1 full ep is not enough for you? Only all 24? Than I can’t do it – it would take too much time downloading.

          • AsuraE says:

            Reasoning on zones being that they weren’t used for our releases. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a true comparison, would it?

            Also, reread what Quattro wrote – You’re getting the wrong idea.

          • Quattro says:

            You seem to have misunderstood. Or I have.

            I meant that you’d have to do so on a full episode, not just a part of one. What you asked for sounded like a part of an episode with a lot of banding, not a full episode. BDMVs are separated by episode into .m2ts files generally…

          • AsuraE says:

            After vol.2 steins groups the first two eps together and the one is separate. Also, I fail to see the logic behind me uploading the BDMV. You’d have to download it all the same.

          • qaz says:

            I think I found BDMVs, now it’ll take some time to download them…

            Oh, and I think it would be completely true comparison even with zones (not sure I want them) – it’s just encoding options, you wouldn’t request that encode must use umh and crf 17, would you?

  9. Messy says:

    Just a quick question regarding Steins Gate :
    “The OP is a bitrate whore and if we went for a “good” file size there would’ve been banding and other shit (i.e. it would’ve looked like Coalgirl’s release)”
    => Why don’t you put the OP as a separate file that will be played thanks to the ordered chapters ? I think Chihiro are doing that for their shows to gain about 100mb in each file, for Steins Gate’s OP (which is a bitrate whore according to AsuraE) it could be a good way to save filespace.

  10. Z0D says:

    Thanks for S;G. It gave me massive wood.

  11. Godcore says:

    Why use HE-AAC for Madoka? I thought HE-AAC’s only for stuff below 96kbps.

    • AsuraE says:

      It shouldn’t be, but if it is, I don’t give a fuck about madoka so it won’t be changed.

      • Godcore says:

        You mean it shouldn’t be HE-AAC, or HE-AAC’s not only for stuff below 96kbps? Just asking. Nothing really wrong with the audio, AFAIK.

        • AsuraE says:

          It shouldn’t be HE. I probably just overlooked something after reinstalling windows.

          • Godcore says:

            Well, editing and TL are more important anyway. I grabbed your release because you’re using GG’s subs, not Yesy’s. Yesy’s probably more accurate, but I hate their editing.

            Anyway, thanks for the release.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Upon whatching the Freezing batch I saw that ep.01-v2 has a missing subtitle at about 09:30 mark. Just letting you know.

  13. hikaricore says:

    From what I’ve read above you don’t give two shits about Madoka, which is your loss. However I just wanted to point out that episode 4’s audio is totally fucked and has been confirmed by several others on various sites, forums, etc. A v2 would be nice but if not I’ll just download BloatGirls instead. Thanks. ^_^

  14. bordor machine says:

    Only episodes 1 and 2 of Freezing (batch) is working. Will you be releasing v2’s of the other episodes?

  15. Krustentier7 says:

    when will you release volumes 8 and 9 of steins;gate?

  16. Desunaito says:

    hello, is there a working link for ddl of madoka 4v2 ? thanks alot

  17. Cesare says:

    Madoka 4v2 can’t be downloaded, this link isn’t “valid” :(

  18. DeathByNukes says:

    The Steins;Gate v2 link is broken.

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