Nyanpire The Animation 01

We’re doing this apparently. It’s a short, 5 minute per episode, series. Vale is the translator. Fancy this up later, MrDrSr.

We’re still in need of a typist for Nura who is able to view the stream.

MrDrSr Edit: This ED made me lol, especially this guy. Bonus if you have Firefox or Opera. :3

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11 Responses to Nyanpire The Animation 01

  1. Raizu says:

    I’m waiting long for this series XD

    thanks guys,,
    and hang in there ;)

  2. Shampoo says:


  3. D'oh says:

    I feel like I lost a couple of the ol’ brain cells just by watching this.

    Definitely worth it though, they were just taking up valuable real estate, and I woulda killed them off with booze anyway.

    Thanks for subbing!

  4. ^^ i love you, your release is good

  5. MrDrSr says:

    So, I’m AFK for a day, and this is what happens? O.o

  6. clostridium says:

    Thanks for picking up this series. Great work!

  7. Voyeur. says:

    That’s Hyadain? isn’t it?

  8. Korokun says:

    That guy you mention is none other then Hyadain. Damn good singer and damn good music producer.

  9. Kethry says:

    I’m really glad y’all decided to do this show! I’d been looking forward to it since some of my favorite seiyuu are in it. Thanks!

    (And thanks for that bonus. Pfft.)

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