Nyanpire – 12 & Batch

It’s actually over ;_;…

vale (Translator) – Comment coming soon~
Quattro (Editor, encoder, timer 1-7, typesetter) – Needs meowre Meowcifer. Oh, and the delays were all my fault ( ¯3¯)~. This was probably the series that I’ve enjoyed working on the most so far.
Riktasi (Timer 9-12) – I really only timed 3 episodes, so… >a good change of pace from all the 24min shows.
Mirco22 (QC) – For me the show was awesome to work on and a good change of pace from all the 24min shows
RandomEntropy1 (Backup timer/QC) – SECOND SEASON WHERE?!
AsuraE (:Stuff: on 8) – BDs FUCKING WHERE?!

4v2 patch
12v2 patch

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12 Responses to Nyanpire – 12 & Batch

  1. Katsuo says:

    Nice! This has consistently been one of the highlights of the week. Thanks for the hard work. I shall seed this little gem for a while. Look! They’re already biting!

  2. Arson says:

    Good night, sweet Nyanpire. ;_;

  3. Progeusz says:

    We’ll miss you.

  4. dfdf says:

    Thanks! One of my favourite shows this season. BTW, what’s the v2 on ep4 for?

  5. Kucing says:

    BTW where do you get the characters’ name.
    Very different compared with what I hear.
    I try 12 from AONE and the same with what I hear.

  6. Riktasi says:

    I really only timed 3 episodes, so:
    >a good change of pace from all the 24min shows

  7. dav says:

    Hey guys, somebody gotta seed this. I’m getting 2kbps dl speed.

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