Nyanpire 09

Torrent and fancy picture when MrDrSr returns from Neverland, cause I’m too lazy to do it.

MrDrSr Edit: I wasn’t at Neverland, I went to go see Blue Man Group. :3

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11 Responses to Nyanpire 09

  1. mute says:

    Hey, has the HD episode of mago been aired yet?

  2. natachan says:

    Hell. um I don’t really know where to put this, but here I go. I just wanted to mention for Nura 10 when the time comes viz keeps spelling one of the characters names wrong. his name is IbaraKI not IbaraGi. I have the japanese version of the manga that’s how I know. I just wanted to mention it so you won’t do what viz is doing, cause I enjoy your sub alot. I appreciate all your hard work thankyou some much.

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