Nurarihyon no Mago – 25


Also, happy Christmahanakwanzika.

Nurarihyon no Mago – 25

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4 Responses to Nurarihyon no Mago – 25

  1. Phillangees says:

    Excitement! Thanks very much! Merry Christmas to you folks!

  2. gestern says:

    will there any batch coming up soon?

  3. Jace says:

    So is this the last episode? and “26” will be Recape #2 while “13” was Recap #1?

    • EpicNaruto says:

      That is correct. If you are going by anidb then this is the last “real” episode with the next one being a recap. We’ll update the numbering to whatever is official in the batch.

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