Nura s2 17

Welp, here’s this at least. Nura 18 is getting worked on so that should be out this weekend. No promises about 19 though.

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15 Responses to Nura s2 17

  1. blackice85 says:

    Thanks guys!

  2. macxxx007 says:

    No prob… you guys are doing a great job and waiting is no trouble! THANKS AGAIN AND HAVE A GOOD DAY!


  3. kakashi524 says:

    D: Message appears on the screen at 9:21

  4. Móci says:

    FUCK YEAH, i love you guys!

  5. blaze says:

    thanks guys!!

  6. Shinobi says:

    Thanks a lot for doing this, I really appreciate all of your hard work. ^_^

  7. jinie says:

    Thanks for the release!!

    Looks like per Tokyo MX’s site Nura 19 should be HD Sun!

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