Nura s2 – 16

<~Quattro> This was ready yesterday but we had no one to QC it, and could have been ready earlier if we had more typesetters. Surprise surprise. And everyone, stop failing the tests.
<~Quattro> Nura 17 is just waiting on a proper HD raw (yes, that’s it). DO NOT LINK ANYTHING TO US THOUGH. Thanks~

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22 Responses to Nura s2 – 16

  1. seansky says:


  2. verycurious says:

    This question is completely unrelated to Nura S2 but… what is the anime featured in the header? I’m intrigued.

  3. macxxx007 says:

    Would have been epic if released on Halloween… but you still get points for releasing it within a day at least… THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE EPISODE!

  4. luke_c says:

    Thanks :D
    Shouldn’t the wooden panels on Ibaraki Doji’s face be called the grave marker? (At least in the manga it was.)

  5. Mirk says:

    oh emm geeee nsfw!!!

  6. sandoe41 says:

    Are you still looking for a raw?

  7. Zolfried says:

    Thanks WhyNot!! yet another awsome episode :)

    (spellerror on 23:40? it says equpped)

  8. NANASHI says:

    Thanks a lot for the ep…. and I wonder is ep 17 will take a long time to out ??

    And thanks gain

  9. ouzu says:

    hope fast release for next eps :cheer:

  10. kikiloaw says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. so bored waitong for episode 17 :D

  11. n0n3 says:

    Hi WhyNot !
    i just ask about EP 17, 18 and Coming Others ,

    why you late in Translate all of this ? .
    and thx for translate the all,

    See ya

  12. n0n3 says:

    thx Whynot,
    but why you late in all your Episods ?

    pls be The First and in someday the episode be down
    That’s no problem for down the 480p in the first , and later 720p

    and thx for Translate ; )

    • Quattro says:

      We’re not wasting our effort on releasing two versions. I’ve explained this multiple times already. We’re “late” because of the SD broadcast, as well as the simulcast being late. We don’t translate it, so we have to wait for the simulcast.

      Please read up a bit before posting stuff like this…

  13. AsuraE says:

    This is what I get for holding back on calling one streamtard a retard…

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