Nura S2 – 15

<~Quattro> and we need to recruit more TLs for songs and shit
<~Quattro> or just in general
<~Quattro> also, of course yuigg hasn’t responded yet about last exile
<&AsuraE> MORE QCS
<&AsuraE> DO EET

EDIT: We’re still looking for more QCs. The test isn’t THAT hard, so stop failing it people. Also, if you’d be willing to help with songs, general translation help/TLC or anything related to translation, we need you. Seriously, it’s practically only vale left to do it all.

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16 Responses to Nura S2 – 15

  1. macxxx007 says:


    Sorry to hear about that… HANG IN THERE VALE! HELP IS ON THE WAY!

    Anyway, thanks for the episode! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!

  2. Nature Calls! says:

    Holy fuck that was fast

  3. hmm says:

    Thanks for this, man i hate that i need to wait almost 2weeks for the next episode in HD=(

  4. BigBoss90It says:

    Thank you!

  5. luke_c says:

    Are the Nura S1 Blu-Rays still a gogogo? :C

  6. DONT_STOP says:

    It’s odd this season all the episodes are from different channels…

  7. NANASHI says:


    Guys where is ep 16 ??

  8. NANASHI says:

    I wish if I could help you……

    Don’t bother, we all waiting for you , because whynot is the best of the best

  9. Lazaruz says:

    Hey. I don’t know any Japanese but i could help with english proofing if that is needed^^ Want to help you guys in any way possible.

  10. qwerty says:

    when is Nura ep 16 release ?

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