Nura s2 – 13

This is episode 13, not the recap, which we will label as 12.5. I know I said I wouldn’t, but I was wrong (the title says 13 for this episode). It’s late because of the new OP/ED and busybusy staff. It’s that time of the semester where we all get slammed with our first round of exams. The recap is being worked on still though. For some reason, no one started it aside from the typist (probably because there was also no HD cap, everyone’s busy with exams, and no one cared…).

Anyway, there’s a new OP and ED this episode (thanks to vale for working on them), so enjoy~

EDIT: DAMMIT, shit got messed up on the final mux apparently. Re-uploading. Fixed.

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36 Responses to Nura s2 – 13

  1. Firefreek22 says:

    Thank you =D

    I shall help seed

  2. ummmm says:

    It says that ‘The torrent you are looking for does not appear to be in our database’
    when i click on the torrent.

  3. Firefreek22 says:

    Was there a slight skip at the 2 min mark in the ep?

    • Quattro says:

      Yes. It was somehow corrupted when muxing (it happens from time to time for some reason, probably related to the compression or accidentally overwriting when muxing).

      • Firefreek22 says:

        ok, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t my copy only.

        Thanks for the quick reply

        • Quattro says:

          Grab the latest one, it’s been fixed. And no problem, that’s why it was fixed so quickly.

        • Lucia says:

          Will there be v2 then?

          p.s. Can you change the font color you use on your website? It’s kinda hard to read with the dark color background.

          • Quattro says:

            First, this is the “v2”. I didn’t add it to the filename because I didn’t think anyone had actually finished downloading it by then (guess I was wrong), and because it was corrupted, so a patch was pointless. But if you’re asking about the version with CRC CA17C037, then it is the fixed version.

            And if you can’t see the semi-transparent background, I suggest you upgrade whatever browser you’re using, or switch to a better one.

  4. Blah says:

    So the one on the DDL is the latest one? Btw, thanks for the release ^^

  5. sandoe41 says:

    I wish to apologize to everyone at WhyNot for an earlier comment I entered. I really enjoy the work you have put into the series, and I went overboard with misplaced zeal. Please, keep up the good work, and I will look forward to more in the series.

    • AsuraE says:

      That’s fine~

      It just annoys us when people don’t read stuff that we’ve written hundreds of times and then expect freaking medals or something because they’ve “contributed”.

    • Quattro says:

      No worries. We don’t take things to heart around here (maybe AsuraE does a bit lol). We always appreciate the thought though.

      • AsuraE says:

        I do when people don’t read what’s written with all caps and in bold print in the post that they are posting in =_=

  6. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks for delivering! and yeah… just as well… recap episodes are kind of stupid… THANKS FOR DOING IT ANYWAY! YOU GUYS KNOW HOW TO GET IT DONE!

  7. Zolfried says:

    Love it guys, THX!! feels like a month since nura 12.. but it was worth the wait :)

  8. Thanks alot for fansubbing Episode 13 :), I love you guys :D!

  9. Hassy says:

    ty , and u did right screwing the recap ep and releasing this one first imo

  10. Keeper says:

    Kinda annoying that it’s labeled 13 when in fact it is number 14. Messes up my anime tracker =-(

    But thank you for the release!

    • Quattro says:

      Except it’s 13. Read the damn post.

      Here, I’ll even quote it for you (it’s the very first thing): “This is episode 13, not the recap, which we will label as 12.5. I know I said I wouldn’t, but I was wrong (the title says 13 for this episode).”

      Look at the title after the OP, it clearly says episode 13.

  11. questionguy says:

    any news on 12.5? I know its a recap but I’m still wondering when you guys will release it. Thanks for the great work though.

  12. Question says:

    At 20:43 it says destory instead of destroy

  13. hmm says:

    Thank god this finally released, been quite a while since a release due to the recap=(

  14. Keiichi says:

    i would be happy if you did not even bother with recap episodes but that just me

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