Nura – s2 03; Nura – s2 02v1; Itsuka v2’s

>mfw I QC nura without watching the first season or the start of this season.

Nura 02 doesn’t have a patch because it’s a new encode. Same thing with Itsuka 02v2.
Itsuka 01v2 patch

Also, this.

Nura is late cause as far as we knew, the stream was really late. Prince will be on Monday/Tuesdays because that’s when we have a cap for it (unless one shows up on share/pd earlier).

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8 Responses to Nura – s2 03; Nura – s2 02v1; Itsuka v2’s

  1. wills says:

    heh, u fail at trolling.

  2. Fore says:


  3. Nisen says:

    The moment Pikachi be a cute loli I’ll use even my masterball to catch it

  4. macxxx007 says:


  5. Gintamen says:

    Excuse me but what raw do you use for nura?

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