Nura – s2 02

I almost burnt my apartment down today. Apparently, this kettle doesn’t have a whistle like all the others. >_>

In other news, we released something!

<~Quattro> It’s a v0 because it’s 480p and we didn’t do the ED. It’s 480p because Tokyo MX decided to air it in SD only this week for some reason. We’ll v1 tomorrow when we get an HD .ts and the ED will be included then too.
<~Quattro> Also, the 720p raw on nyaa is a completely warpsharped upscale of the SD airing. Like hell we’d use that.

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24 Responses to Nura – s2 02

  1. KuroDubZero says:

    It have belong to a Jipsy that practices witchcraft in the past because I’ve never heard of a Kettle without a whistle lol.

  2. suppaduppa says:

    Burning water is usually a bad sign. You should order out more.

    On a side note, the standard of measurement for a microwave is its ability to boil water in 3 minutes or less.

    Don’t die hilariously, because I will lol and be annoyed that my Nura provider is WTF BBQ’d.

  3. Shawn263241 says:

    So… do you guys still think v1 will be released today?

  4. Shawn263241 says:

    I mean, do you think that Tokyo MX plans on releasing this as 480p every Sunday from now on?

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  6. TRAVSTR says:

    i got the same kettle but in silver its a piece of shit that never whistles even when the water could practically melt a volcano.

  7. anonymous says:

    I see a BS11 raw up on tosho.

  8. me says:

    When will nurarihyon 3 be subbed?

  9. me says:

    not in the next hour? because then I’ll go sleep (quite late in my timezone)

    • Quattro says:

      Viz hasn’t posted the stream on hulu yet, so there’s nothing we can do at the moment. If it’s not up in the next few hours, I may as a TL to start working on it.

  10. jamry123 says:

    PLEASE SEED .. all the 24 episodes are slow and i’ll download this Anime only from [WhyNot] Subs

    So WhyNot SEED ?


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