Nura s2 01

When I’m not passing out from staying up to finish this, I’ll add stuff to this post (by I, I mean MrDrSr will add a screenshot and the series to the projects page and I’ll blog about crap). Delayed by a late stream, slow ts download, 4th of July weekend, family, etc. Should be fine next week. And this is a Viz edit just like the first season. If anything is wrong, blame our lack of QCs.

Oh, and happy Independence Day and all.

EDIT: After talking it over with the staff, we decided to change the main font (we will be using this new style for the BDs of s1 as well). We fixed a few things too.


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20 Responses to Nura s2 01

  1. Shuffleblade says:

    Thanks a lot for subbing this it is greatly appreciated. =)

  2. Niku says:

    Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since season one started

  3. anonymous says:

    I like fairy “tails” too.

  4. Tempest says:

    I really appreciate you guys doing this but the font you used for the subtitles seriously has to go…. The curvy nature of the letters makes reading them quickly more challenging.

  5. Phillangees says:

    Really glad to see this one coming out again. Glad you folks are working on it again.

    • Quattro says:

      Thanks for sticking with us. Don’t forget to grab the v2 patch for the updated font and fixes. Next week will be a lot better now that we’ve got things settled (and it’s not a national holiday, family visiting for the weekend, slow ts download, etc).

  6. lieila says:

    Great work guys. Thanks for the hard work.

    I wish you’ll pick and sub the special “Nurarihyon no Mago: Jump Super Anime Tour Special” ( as well.

  7. Boop says:

    Thanks for the release!

  8. jinie says:

    thanks so much for this… and all the hard work… but just out of curiosity, is there a link to just download the V2? I can’t run .bat files….

  9. Sen says:

    Would you consider subbing the Nura Special that came after the end of season one?

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