Nura – 11

>MFW uTorrent sucks.
EDIT: You’re doing it wrong then. Get 2.0.4 fool.

<~Quattro> It’s late mainly cause I was at the pillows concert in NYC on Sunday and didn’t get back until like 6:30am Monday morning. Slept all Monday after class and refused to do any work on the last SCIENCE TUESDAY. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
<&AsuraE> Blame it on having no typesetters/timers
<&AsuraE> DO IT

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15 Responses to Nura – 11

  1. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much for the episode! Also, for taking time out of your busy schedules for this quality work! THANKS AGAIN!

  2. natachan says:

    That’s ok as long as you had lots of fun at your concert!

  3. Xoleum says:

    if the subtitles are causing videolag with the flashy move names on MPC-HC (CCCP) here’s a tip:

    1: right-click on DirectVobSub icon in the traybar (the green arrow)
    2: select “DirectVobSub”
    3: in the window that popped up, go to the “Misc” tab
    4: increase the value of “sub pics to buffer” (mine is set to 60)

    this should fix the annoying lags during those “super uber move that needs text in japanese pencil style as well as sound” moments.


    YAY! Oh i live in NYC.

  5. rogueclon946 says:

    my vsfilter is just set so that allow animation when buffering is checked and sub pictures to buff is 10. that and vsfilter subpicture pre-buffering is enabled in CCCP settings. works fine for me in zoom player.

  6. capitainejanvier says:

    Thanks for the ep, guys! Guess I’ll watch it after work :)

  7. Riktasi says:

    Hey, I got this timed on the same day the raw+script came up. Blame the stupid dramatic attack names and character intros. If there weren’t fancy text and weird positioning, I could probably TS it, too.

  8. iroha fan says:

    VLC shows total time 47:07.
    It felt so good to sit down thinking I would watch 45 minutes of Nura.
    But then the ending came, and the preview, and then… I realized VLC was displaying the wrong total time.

    In MPC-HC everything is as it should be though.

    • Quattro says:

      It just means that some line was set around the 47 minute mark in the script for whatever reason. Doesn’t make any real difference though.

      • iroha fan says:

        Yeah, was never any problem.
        I just rewatched the episode to make up my 45 minutes of Nura – and then rewatched some awesome parts again, well I do that every week for Nura.
        Thanks for the release~

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