Nura – 06

I was busy all weekend with family visiting, and that means that nothing got done. Itsuka and prince probably tomorrow.

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  1. SSkra says:

    Subs arent working for me, anyone else having an issue with them?

    • Quattro says:

      Few things to checkā€¦

      The CRC32, your playback setup, your settings, and if you actually have our release and not some re-encode (yes, that does happen lol).

  2. Meelkor says:

    You’ve made right decision, Nura is more important than any other series :D Thank you for sobs like always ((^__^))))

  3. seansky says:

    This is the second week it happened so i am not sure if it is on my end…… The nura file i dwled is sped up, and when i slow it down the video is a bit choppy and the subs are all out of sync. Any idea what i can do to fix it? ( the first 4 eps i hav no problem with. )

  4. seansky says:

    i just followed all steps and still the same (CRC32 check was fine), and cant really know how to check if the file i dwled is re-encoded or not, but i got the file from tokyotosho…… in fact i checked back on previous eps and they all became weird now. The only thng i can come up with is i installed the beta cccp some 2 weeks ago. Even the nura first season is also the same weird sped up situation (speed 0.5X gives me normal speed play back).

    Strangely i checked back on another series i got from you guys, Freezing, and it is not affected. Please help me out. :)

    • Quattro says:

      It is almost certainly on your end. Follow the instructions and install the latest CCCP stable.

      • seansky says:

        Hey again….. I have no idea what is CCCP stable, but i went google and the link took me to CCCP website, notice CCCP has a release at end of july, installed it, and the nura files are still the same fast-forwarded situation…… I clicked thru ~ 200 other anime epsisodes of diffrent series and various subbers, from different times (up to 5 years back) and none other series i have had that problem.
        Im sorry to keep disturbing you, and being such a nub when it comes to settings and all, but i really hope i can solve this and continue watching the series……

        • Quattro says:

          There should be no issue with playback. It works fine for all the staff who worked on it, and watched it. It might be related to your video card, your video card settings, your CCCP settings, or almost anything else…

          • seansky says:

            I already checked thru that playback list last night, and double checked it again. I know it most probly be my side, but i have no idea where to check. I highly doubt it is my video card when i can play all other series, even one from ur older releases fine, except for all the nura files. Is there any other guides on the settings in playback? I am really not knowledgable in these area, and really cant see how i can play every other files, cept for nura….. and it was fine 2 weeks ago. Im sorry i sound so desperate, but i really dont know enough about settings, and not much ppl to ask bout these problems.

          • Quattro says:

            You were on the IRC channel before, right? Join again sometime and we’ll try to help. I think most of us were asleep then though…

          • seansky says:

            Hey Quattro….. I uninstalled the whole CCCP and MPC and re-installed and it finally worked. Thx for ur time. :)

          • Quattro says:

            Glad it worked. I still have no idea what would cause that though…

  5. jenxin says:

    If you think the subs aren’t working, fast forward it a bit.
    i noticed that the beginning isnt subbed also
    Its just a song that helps kids remember the street names in kyoto

    more info here:

  6. macxxx007 says:


    And I know the feeling… relatives… there are some you can’t avoid!

    Thanks so much for the episode and hope life doesn’t get too hectic for ya!

    • Quattro says:

      Nah, it was awesome to see them. Life has always been hectic but I still manage lol. When Quattro is away, the group plays. Or something like that.

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