Notice about Steins;Gate BDs

Because it seems like people are getting anxious and antsy about this, I guess I should post a edit this status update.

No, it’s not dropped.
No, it’s not done.

When will it be done?
When we finish it.

Yes, it has ordered chapters (because fuck that bitrate whore of an OP). We’ve also been working with ReadingSteiner to improve the scripts.

The 1080p encodes are done now, so we’re just no longer waiting on the scripts from ReadingSteiner. Then the whole thing is getting checked over one more time before release. Final touches~

AsuraE zombie hijack: Huge shout out to everyone who helped out~ Also, because it seems to have been deleted, I have to say that the 1080p version will be for tards and I give 0 fucks about the size of some of the files. If you don’t like seeing big files then the 720ps are for you (especially since they’ll be the best version for this).

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297 Responses to Notice about Steins;Gate BDs

  1. CazinM says:

    I’m not complaining, because after 25 years of anime fandom and an anime archive containing over 8 Tera Bytes of anime, I’ve sort of become rather patient when it comes to these things. I also greatly appreciate what you and other groups do.

    With that being said, I have your 1-19 with the v2 patches galore. After reading through most of this am I to understand that the batch will have all new encodes of everything, so I should just toss what I have now and wait for the batch?

  2. Holy shit, an anime archive containing over 8TB of anime? That’s a fucking lot. Dude, you should seriously consider sharing some of that stuff you’ve got. Set up an fserv or something. Give a little something back to the anime community. :D

    • CazinM says:

      It’s not as much as you think, it’s only around 30,000 episodes. I do share it with the community though, because it’s spread across quite a few trackers like Nyaa, BakaBT and AnimeBytes. I’ll be f*cked though, before I buy 8TB of cloud storage put it all in one place and offer it up to the public domain like that. That would basically mean painting a HUGE bull’s eye on my ass, then screaming out please come ass rape me and take all my money for a bazillion DMCA violations.

    • Nemu_khao says:

      Well… In my institutes LAN, we hav DC++… there are lots of guys sharing anime over 5TB… ther was one over 11TB

  3. AgitoAkito says:


    Only got 7 TB of animes, but its good to know that i’m not the only crazy one XD

  4. Gyzome says:

    Compared to you guys I’m pretty small time, but I’m getting a 6TB Raid5 (3x3TB) as soon as the price for a 3TB drive dips under 100 euro. Right now I have a 2TB drive which has been filled to the brim since forever, forcing me to stop getting BD releases of watched shows and hog half of the family NAS.

    …And they call me crazy…

    • Heh. Don’t worry, before you know it you’ll end up just like craz.. I mean Cazin. And people might be justified for calling you Caz.. err I mean crazy.

      Seriously though, I don’t really understand why people would want to keep all those files for so long. For what purpose exactly you archive them? To rewatch later? To share them with others? For distro-ing? To make bootleg copies and sell them to unsuspecting folks on the street?

      • Corbyn says:

        > To rewatch later?

        > To share them with others?
        I do that as well. I don’t delete anything I download, even if I hate it, because I know someone I know might want it. It’s faster to transfer HDD -> HDD than to download off the Internet.

        > For distro-ing?
        Why the hell not?

        > To make bootleg copies and sell them to unsuspecting folks on the street?
        Only if you live in the right neighborhood…

      • Gyzome says:

        >To rewatch later
        I often rewatch certain scenes from random anime on a whim. I often end up watching the whole episode.

        >To share them with others
        This is probably the most important one, I have a fair amount of anime friends and often I copy as much good stuff from my drive to one of theirs as possible to sustain them for a few more years.

        My renaming makes them pretty useless in this regard

        I have considered selling my 2TB drive filled to the brim with anime for €100 on eBay to pay for the 3TB drives. But I’d make no lies about the legality.

  5. Anon says:

    >tfw September and you faggots still haven’t finished it


  6. Catalyst says:

    Thanks for the hard work guys! Can’t wait for the release. :)

  7. Aaron says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you’re going to change the the F words in the subtitles to “hell”, because, for me at least, I find it actually HURTS the drama in episodes 12, 13, and 14. And it seems a bit much in episodes 18 and 22. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Aaron says:

      Oh, I almost forgot to mention, could you make it so the opening karaoke doesn’t jump around? Again, thanks so much for working on this.

      • AsuraE says:

        Im making the english and romaji in the op jump around. Ill possibly also add kanji as well (of course itll jump to match the op) and no one is going to change my mind :< "fuck" and any variations of fuck will be up to the editor, although its not like the series itself is pg or anything.

        • Aaron says:

          Yeah, but seriously, at the end of ep 12, Okarin says the same sentence twice, but the subs add “fuck” the second time. Why? Because he said it louder? Lol. But hey, if you want it that way, then go ahead, I’m not really complaining, I’m just wondering why it’s like that.

          • liliff says:

            Connotation. I actually prefer it this way anyway, it adds to the shock value.

          • AsuraE says:

            Just watched it and it fits perfectly fine. The first time he says the line it’s really quiet and mostly said in sadness/confusion. The second time he’s more angry and yelling. Add in the fact that the dialogue of those two lines is slightly different (like 1-2 syllables at the end) and it works. As for why not use hell, well, if watching one of your closest friends being murdered right before your eyes isn’t a reason to say fuck, then I don’t know what is.

          • Jackstick says:


            Haven’t you ever heard of exclamation points?

          • AsuraE says:

            Go watch the actual scene.

          • Jackstick says:

            Still stand by my point. I think saying “what the hell is this?!”, at most, would be more appropriate. It’s not entirely about capturing the severity of the line, but also the emotion. I don’t think “fuck” conveys it properly.

          • Dr. Pepper says:

            And AsuraE is telling you you’re wrong. I don’t understand what’s so hard to get. Also, ?! means he’s asking a really surprising question. I think you’re going for !? where it’s an exclamation but still a question. Anyway, you’re wrong.

          • Jackstick says:

            Get the fuck out, HRH AsuraE is telling me I’m wrong?

            Well fuck me, I guess that invalidates everything. I don’t know what I was doing, thinking I could have an opinion like that. That was completely out of order and I apologize from the very abyss of my heart.

            Thank you, Dr Pepper. You’re always looking out for me.

          • Dr. Pepper says:

            You know it!

          • Gyzome says:


            It’s just that it’s AsuraE’s release, and he’s probably going to release it the way he likes most. It really isn’t that difficult to point a hex editor at the files and change every instance of “fuck” or “Fuck” to “hell” and “Hell” (yes, ass files are stored plaintext within mkvs). I’ve done it before when I didn’t like the way THORA wrote Stiyl’s name in To Aru no Index S1 and it’s really not much of an effort; took me maybe 5 to 10 minutes at most. So instead of making AsuraE change something that has been weighted and carefully considered for each individual scene, you’re better off making your own version.

            If you do, make an xdelta3 patch so other like-minded people can enjoy your edits too.

          • Quattro says:

            Actually, this is my version. AsuraE is encoding it to the best of his standards, but the script is for ReadingSteiner and myself to worry about.

          • Gyzome says:

            Oh, sorry. It just looked like it was AsuraE’s because of how involved he was.

            Good luck with the scripts, btw.

          • Quattro says:

            No worries. His role is just as, or more, important in this case. But yeah, he’s in charge of the encodes (ie blame him lol).

          • AsuraE says:

            Can’t blame me anymore until all the scripts are done~

        • noob says:

          I too dislike the word fuck in animes like Steins Gate.
          There are animes where those words go well with the characters (ex: Mazinkaizer SKL), but in SG the characters aren´t hardcore like that xD.

          • AsuraE says:

            >animes xD
            All opinions invalid.
            >saying “fuck” doesn’t fit characters in steins
            Refer to closest friend being murdered in front of him.

      • Gyzome says:

        He’s an encoder, that doesn’t make him an editor and god forbid certainly not a KFXer.

        If it bothers you that much there’s the age-old rule that you can edit it yourself.

    • tadakuni says:

      + I dislike the word ”fuck” in anime too…

      • Pzc says:

        To all those who really really really dislike the word fuck in anime:
        1. Extract the offending episodes .ass-file (or whichever format it is)
        2. Do a search/replace for all them fuck’s
        3. Re-mux with the new and cleansed file
        4. ???
        5. Profit
        Can’t understand what the big deal is though, it’s not like he’s saying it every sentence at every chance he gets or anything. Although it’s a word I generally don’t like or use myself there are times where it is more or less “appropriate”.

        • Aaron says:

          Then, what about in ep 22 when Kurisu says it when it starts raining? What is she actually saying, and what SHOULD it be translated as? I just thought it seemed a bit much for that scene, I guess.

          • AsuraE says:

            Dude, I’ve already said it’s up to the editor. Any more of this and I’ll encode everything to have a “FUCK” watermark over the entire screen and replace all instances of “THE” in the script with “FUCK”

          • Jackstick says:

            Fuck universe had a beginning, but has no end.


            Fuck stars, too, had beginnings, but their own power leads them to their destruction.


            History dictates that it is fuck wise who are fuck most foolish. One could call this a final warning from God, to those who can still resist.

  8. l00dak says:

    So much bitching about stupid things :D Just leave these good people to finish their job with the batch so we can all enjoy this masterpiece :D

  9. Corbyn says:

    I love you, WhyNot? staff.

  10. John the Fisherman says:

    Oh gee golly zipitty doo batman! My body isn’t ready yet!

  11. tadakuni says:


    i came to this page everyday…just to know the progress of your work….

    Thank you again.

  12. Aaron says:

    Thank you very much!

  13. Someone says:

    Will waiting on the scripts from ReadingSteiner take as long as encoding?

    • AsuraE says:

      Probably not seeing as the encodes took so long due to me being mia due to rl issues for months (pretty sure at this point I’ve been unable to do anything for ~6months total) and the fact that the encoding was complete bullshit that I’m still not 100% sold on. 1080ps will most likely be finished within the next few weeks, but the 720’s still need to be encoded and I have no idea when I’ll get time for that (uni’s being a bitch doesn’t finish for another ~2 months, after which I’m moving, so the 720’s will most likely be delayed).

      • QUICKSORT says:

        Don’t care about 720p.
        I’m a quality freak so yeah, the earlier the 1080p are ready, the better for me. Since you guys are the only one who are making a decent encoding of this serie.

        Thx again,

        • AsuraE says:


          The show is an upscale with hideous amounts of banding. As a result the 720ps will look either the same or better than the 1080ps due to the amount of debanding needed for the 1080ps to be almost banding free (this is due mostly to the fact that resizing from 1080->720 hides a lot of the banding, which means that I can use a weaker debander. That will most likely lead to there being equal or more detail in the 720ps. The final result: 1080ps will look a bit sharper [assuming you’re in the 99% that either doesn’t use madvr or doesn’t have it setup optimally] while the 720ps will keep more detail).

          tl;dr: 1080ps were made to appease the “people” (read: mentally challenged) who see a 240p youtube rip being reencoded to 1080p as an increase in quality. 720ps are the best for this series.

          PS: If you do download the 1080ps, find the easter eggs. There’s ~30000 in each episode :D

    • AsuraE says:

      That link does nothing and I don’t see how it could be any different.

        • Gyzome says:

          Short answer: no.

          Long answer: you’d have to be stupid to even think that. Any explanation as to why is wasted on your kind.

          • tadakuni says:

            thank you, you are very kind!!!!

          • AsuraE says:

            There was actually one case where a foreign dubber (French or Spanish or something, I can’t remember) got a hold of the original masters for a series and did their own upscaling which resulted in the dub having higher video quality. So it’s not like there’s no hope, it’s just that you’re more likely to simultaneously win lotto, get struck by lightning and, since this is funimation, divide by 0 ;)

          • LeftAlive says:

            Are you seriously MENTAL? Do you have any idea how large Master copy formats are? Master copies for more than a decade or two have been in Cineon and DPX format. Before they are scaled and transcoded for Bluray and DVD, Master Copy format is roughly 3-5 TeraBytes per hour of Audio/Video. So for a series of 24-26 eps you’re talking about a master copy approx 30-50 Terabytes in size. Get a clue, no fansub group on the planet is or could deal with something of that scale.

          • AsuraE says:

            Want to try reading that again?

            Because I really can’t see where I said that fansubbers would want to (or even could) get a hold of the masters. What I pointed out was one case that I vaguely remember where a foreign dub company went through the effort of getting said masters and upscaling it themselves, using a better upscaling method than what the original Japanese company used. I also then pointed out how extremely unlikely it is that another dubbing company, especially one such as funimation, would ever do that again.

            tl;dr – Reading comprehension saves lives and kittens.

  14. Okabe001 says:

    _waitning×waitning_ (^_^”).

  15. pokpokza says:

    I will wait hope it will finish before 2013

    I got 6 Tb of anime now so i will wait for 1080p quality , some question come to my mind why there is noone who encode this anime in 1080p other than your groupe that weird i search on nyaa it ooooooo ?!

    • AsuraE says:

      For starters, no one has subbed the blu rays, hence no 1080p. Also, the raws for this show are complete shit. The 1080p version is being made to appease retards. The 720p version will look identical to, if not better than, the 1080p when resized, given you aren’t using crap like vlc.

      • thewizardninja says:

        I’ve never really understood how that is supposed to happen but then again I know shit-all about encoding. What would cause a 720p encode resized to 1080p to actually look better than a 1080p encode?

        • AsuraE says:

          Detail. Basically, in order to remove the banding on the 1080p so much debanding was needed that it covered up small details. When resized however, the majority of the banding (despite still being there) is unseeable, so only a very small deband is needed. The upshot of which is that less detail is covered.

          tl;dr: 1080p will have slightly sharper lines when watching with an inferior player and 720p will have equal to slightly greater finer detail.
          inb4 why bother with 1080p – It’s because retards will bitch about it too much and I don’t wanna hear it.

  16. Hououin says:

    please release the batch after december.

  17. Corbyn says:

    Since AsuraE said that the 720p encode will probably be a better quality than the 1080p as long as you’re not using a shit player, I think I’m going to hold off until the 720p encode. Just curious if there’s any sort of ETA for that.

  18. mascthemoney says:

    here’s to wishing it will be done soon.

  19. mascthemoney says:

    here’s to more wishing.

  20. Acucar says:

    I’m waiting for the 720p encodes.

    Good thing I’m patient s( ‘.’)-b

  21. Tabris says:

    Is there any way to get an ETA or progress report perhaps? Waiting is one thing, but waiting without any news at all is painful. As long as the typesetting and timing are good, I wouldn’t mind just having the episodes released so I could fix any wording that might sound sketchy myself.

    • AsuraE says:

      There’s ETAs everywhere, if you can’t find/missed them then it’s your own fault.

    • liliff says:

      There have been updates. Updates without timestamp are still updates. All those zombie hijacks are considered updates, you know.

      • Tabris says:

        Just wanted to know if there’s a planned date of completion after QCing went underway. It’s been awhile since it started. 5 episodes shouldn’t take so long to QC, so I was curious if you were going to release the 1080p encodes as soon as you were finished with them or until the entire Steins;Gate project is over with.

  22. Nemu_khao says:

    Well, could you please clarify this–> “If you don’t like seeing big files then the 720ps are for you (especially since they’ll be the best version for this)”

    I have no problems with size…and hence I would like to have the besr quality for this. So what do u mean by “especially since they’ll be the best version for this”? Do you mean 720p ones would have better/accurate subs??

    • AsuraE says:

      The scripts will be the exact same for each version and as I have already explained numerous times in this post, the 1080ps will be a bloated upscale whereas the 720ps will be the good version. So long as you aren’t using some retarded shit like vlc the resized 720ps will look better than the crappy 1080ps. And before, like everyone else, you ask “why bother with 1080p then”, it’s because I’d estimate 40-50% of people are retards who think “OMG ITZ 12398476123412308749012374023p SO IT MUST B BETTA” (I’ll have a percentage not pulled out of my ass when we actually release this ;)

  23. Nemu_khao says:

    And are you guys doing the translations from scratch??

  24. Tabris says:

    So I admit I missed the ETA that was posted in the sea of posts, but now it’s November 1st and the ETA was near the end of October. Could someone let us know if things are alright and if we can still expect it sooner rather than later?

    • Quattro says:

      It’s still being QCed. About 1/3 of it has been done already, but I’ve had more important things to take care of these past couple weeks (and the next two or so), so it’s been a bit delayed.

  25. Tmsoyr says:

    Thanks very much to you guys working so hard to get this series completed,
    It’s really appreciated. Just a big thanks from one of Whynot’s Big fans i love your guys releases.

    ? has anyone Heard if they are doing a second season to Freezing or HS of the Dead.

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