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I have two projects that I would really like to pick up. I mean REALLY. The first is Keroro Gunsou. This show is so neglected it isn’t even funny. I would love to start releasing this on a regular basis because this series is amazing. I am recruiting people specifically for this show so as not to bog down the rest of the staff who kind of work on everything else. Basically, I need every position except encoder and possibly editor. The second project I would like to pick up is the “You Are Delicious” movie. I know, it’s a kids movie, but it looks so good lol. It reminds me of The Land Before Time. Onto positions that are available and needed:

Keroro Gunsou:

Translator – Japanese to English translator
Timer – Times the subtitles to the episode
Typesetter – Typesetting is placing translated text on the screen
Stylist – Someone to style the subtitles to fit the show and episode
QC – Quality checker. Checks for any errors before the episode is released
Editor – You need to be good with the English language in order to properly edit. Writing is the only skill required for this position.
Distro – Distribute the releases onto various sites and help seed.

You Are Delicious: (This staff will do both the tv series and the movie. Keep in mind the episodes are only 2-3 minutes long but air daily. Still shouldn’t be too much though.)

Typesetter (probably not needed for this but idk)

Please send all applications to with what show you want to work on and which position(s) you would like to fill. Drop by the IRC channel (#WhyNot? and talk to Quattro.

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