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New poll. Go vote, faggots.

We always fix mistakes that we notice after a release or that get reported to us, so we want to know when you’d like to see those changes released. I wouldn’t mind setting up a repository of scripts we keep up to date with fixes for those who can’t wait for the batch, but constant v2 patches would get annoying. We might end up with a lot of them if we fix every little thing and patch.

EDIT: To clarify… Of course we’ll immediately fix major problems. This was meant for minor errors/consistency/etc.

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10 Responses to New poll

  1. sandoe41 says:

    Thanks for putting up a poll on this subject. You do not need to make a v2 patch if it it only a minor spelling error or other small stuff, just for real errors in a translated word/line or subs badly out of sync with the audio (that includes the OP and ED songs, no matter if the lyrics are printed on a CD/BD cover, if you believe they are translated wrong, you should correct them [aka ‘dush on dush’ from Majikoi OP, ugh]).

    • dae-kun says:

      This is pretty much exactly the approach that should be taken to patches. Minor errors or missing typesetting should be noted for batch. Major errors, mistiming, bugged typesetting, lagging should be corrected with a patch where feasible.

  2. Phaenix says:

    Major issues/mistakes ASAP, minor stuff can wait until the batch.

  3. RedRum says:

    Pretty much what the other two said. Major stuff before the batch and inconsequential typos/grammar/continuity at the batch.

  4. ZybRnetiC says:

    I agree with the above. Big problems directly connected to video and/or audio especially should be v2’d. Grammar/spelling issues and such is not significant, and can wait for the batch.

  5. evgenidb says:

    I’d say wait a week or half a week and then release the fix. If more are found after that – then fix them for the batch. I totally agree that making10 fixes for every little mistake would be annoying and not just for you. But I think one fix after a short while is better than waiting a few months for the batch – especially for those who can wait a little bit for better release or couldn’t download the release when it first came out. Of course, if the issue is audio/video, it should be ASAP. Otherwise, grammar mistakes could wait few days until you’ve got most of them.

    I think this is what other groups are doing who do v2s: fast release and after a while quality release, where the grammar is corrected and some minor tweaks are made (GotWoot comes to mind).

  6. Jor says:

    or you can just point out what lines need to be changed (if it’s subs issue ) so we can just rename them ourselves. others than that need a v2 constantly ex. frame damage, video artifacts etc.

  7. RogerBlue says:

    V2 is fine. V7 is not… v3 max. Definitely v2 right away if there is a major problem… bad sync or unplayable for some reason. For real minor stuff (a tyop/typo) get it in the batch at the end of the season. For that in-between stuff… go ahead v2. Just keep giving the optional patches for those of us who have already gotten the v1s.

  8. Krudda says:

    Honestly, I can fix minor problems myself, so I’d say just leave them out until the batch – like the other users here said – (fixed it for you)
    Anything Major… well yeah I might have trouble fixing that. I’d rather you work on your new titles and leave the V2 until near batch for minor errors

    Forgive my HTML here, I was just seeing if it worked, I think I might have got it wrong

  9. Marika says:

    Just put an updated script for major and minor stuff alike.
    Lazy bums can learn how to mux the updated script or wait for the batch.

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