New Poll~

So, uh, go vote or something. Only TV releases, no BDs or anything.

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16 Responses to New Poll~

  1. Ravilik says:

    You could have kept nurarihyon as one single title in the poll imo, it just continued in the ‘second season’

    Also really enjoyed Mayo Chiki, but nura is more interesting for me :)

    • Quattro says:

      The two seasons are actually quite different. But I guess people wouldn’t watch the second season without having seen the first (which was somewhat of a train wreck). Second season is much better.

  2. processr says:

    What criteria are we judging them on? Is it the quality of the show, or how good a job you did in subbing it?

  3. PassingBy says:

    Any plans for a new anime? I would like to request Black Rock Shooter :3

  4. MissedThePoint says:

    Hmm, I liked Level E best, but I didn’t watch your subs since it was on CR. I don’t think I watched your Mayo Chiki subs either, but I liked that (I think Ayako did that). I’m following Phi Brain, but it’s a mindless casual watch, despite how much it emphasizes brain power. Maybe I should watch the current #1 on the results.

    • MissedThePoint says:

      Either I’m dumb or those puzzles are freaking impossible for viewers to figure out, based on what limited info they give us. I don’t even try to figure any of them out any more.

      • redemption024 says:

        well, i thought it was only me, seems i’m not the only one then … i do agree it was kinda impossible. [reminds me of Detective Conan, i’m still at 500+ while the series is at 600+. gonna go catch up .. haha]

      • Vale says:

        it’s impossible with just the video, yeah. but it’s a multimedia broadcast, so on a tv you actually get the puzzles themselves separately as games.

  5. gboyredgun says:

    enjoyed hen zemi the most since not many people worked on it and it was just a really interesting show seeing how far they went with the topics.

  6. Laov says:

    As you poll says nura is the best sub it ffs :V

  7. tergx says:

    Definitely Nura s1& s2. I really appreciate everything you guys do for that amazing show :)

  8. nINJAkECIL says:

    I would like to choose Nura, but somehow, my finger clicked Itsuka
    Still not like the main male protagonist tho.

  9. McLovin says:

    Yondemasu yo Azazel san was the best series of the summer. /thread

  10. darkash says:

    goes for Nura S2, have watched your Mayo Chiki release as well, but I like Nura more XD

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