New Nurarihyon no Mago OP and ED

Here they are, as promised! Thanks to our translator for getting these done :D.
EDIT: We forgot to attach the main font for nura 14v2 so…. Our very first v3! >_>

Nurarihyon no Mago – 14v2
14v2 Patch

Nurarihyon no Mago – 14v3
14v3 Patch (from the v2)

Nurarihyon no Mago – 15v2
15v2 Patch

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9 Responses to New Nurarihyon no Mago OP and ED

  1. unk says:

    thx 4 the karaoke but… having applied the patch, subs on ep 14 don’t have the usual font

  2. unk says:

    Patched Ep is [WhyNot] Nurarihyon no Mago – 14v2 [0850ABAC].mkv and i ran Anime Checker on it and it says File OK… so no error in that… and still subs other than the karaoke are not the same font… well i’m using the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack’s Windows Media Player Classic 1.4.2543.0… also tried that episode on VLC 1.0.5… weird… but anyway already watched it :D you have the best version for this series :P i just deleted all my commie’s and subdesu’s version and keep yours :D :D good work!!!

    • EpicNaruto says:

      If you are experiencing any playback problems then the only solution for playback of our releases that we recommend is

      If you are still having problems after that, then I have no idea XD. Think you can screenshot the font you are seeing for me?

      Thanks for watching our release! We really enjoy Nura too and are happy to be able to get it out as quickly as we can. This show deserves it :).

      • unk says:

        I just found out what the problem was… you didn’t include in the mkv the font “Street Humouresque” which is the one you use for the entire episode… so after installing it myself it finally worked xD seems all the people in the fansub have it installed since you work with it :p just pointing that out… i use windows xp… idk it that font comes preinstalled with vista or 7…

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