New Domain!

Go update your shit. The old domain will redirect here until it expires or Quattro decides to kill it.

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17 Responses to New Domain!

  1. Big_Boss_90 says:

    The other address was cooler, but… The important is the content, isn’t it?

  2. d_ace_shines says:

    Congratulations for your new domain name. Eagerly waiting your Steins;Gate BD release :D

  3. skyhack says:


  4. Mushyrulez says:

    How’d you get it? I’m thinking of getting an actual domain for which to puke out my daily torrent of ignorant opinions, but don’t know which site registration place is more trustworthy / doesn’t eat up all my money as fast.

  5. DarkSlayer says:

    I like the old site address better :p

  6. dingbat says:

    so i came here to your new address. everything’s the same. i are disappoint. where’s the free ipod?

  7. aza09 says:

    I wonder if you are gonna translate Phi Brain season 2?

  8. adam says:

    Hi ..
    can you guys put a new tab called “Schedule” at the top bar .. and put the shows airing time .. it is not important but there is a lot of new shows .. thanks

  9. adam says:

    thanks !
    that’s really helpful .

  10. tyciol says:

    I see, well I just followed the Nyaa link here so meh

  11. as says:

    why so angry?

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